Why A Professional Degree is Not Enough? Certifications, Soft Skills Are Important

Young people in India are looking for more rewarding opportunities, and to have a professional career is proving to be not enough to keep up with the country’s fast pace. Competition is tough. Globalization is taking a good part on this phenomena.

Having professional degree is just one step towards your career. In this article, we will explore the main reasons why a professional degree is not enough to get a highly paid position for the Indian Youth nowadays. But we will explore not only the problem but also the solution.

To get a better job, you can show-off your skills the way the largest companies and recruiters are looking. There are also ways to grow inside a company, and again you need to be aware of what the market demands.

Employers are looking for candidates with good communication skills, problem solving skills, understand business etiquette, and the ability to work in a team.

Learn why Soft Skills are Important: Soft Skills

A professional degree is not all that matters for the present labor field. Skills are necessary, and in most cases, when young people in India get to school that is not something they come out with. Soft skills are proving to be more suitable to recruit a new member of a team than just a degree.

Your qualifications should also contain highlights about your soft skills. Negotiation, communication, teamwork, planning, and management are some of the most desirable skills for most positions. The reason is simple: effective team players are more valuable to an organization. A student can get the higher grades and may have the most outstanding academic performance. That is useless for an organization if it doesn’t come with the right soft skills to be part of an efficient team. Solo players are no longer needed.

To lead a team is even more valuable. Few people are natural leaders. That is a skill that comes along with some people, but it can also be developed with training. When a position cannot be filled with the right candidate, then companies opt to form them. Fresh out programs of international companies typically include an active training in soft skills to overcome this shortage. It has proven excellent results. If you are not part of a company who is developing their employees’ soft skills, you can take online courses. There is also a broad literature available on the subject.

Soft skills are a matter of practice. You can read a lot and take courses, but if you don’t use what you’ve learned, it is useless. There is always an opportunity to practice. Even if you are not graduated, in school you can develop some of the skills to a certain extent. Then, it is important to share them in your resume in a clear and positive way. Remember to place those skills you feel confident. In an interview, you can easily get caught if you claim a skill you actually don’t have.

Soft skills also play a significant role to continue your career inside the same company. They will help you to get a better salary or to improve your current conditions. People with strong soft skills are also targeted for management positions, which is traditionally the simplest way to climb in an organization.

Certifications to Compete:

To complement the technical skills learned in a professional career with a certification is more valuable for the technological industry and management. A diploma can be very useful. You can also get a certification for your certificate with ITI (Certificate Attestation). Some of the major companies in India require not just your diploma but also the ITI certificate.

If you are looking for a new job, if it has a training program including certifications, then it should be considered as part of the benefits package. It is an advantage that can pay off later on. To look for better working conditions is the number one reason to leave a job. Having a certification to back up the knowledge we’ve acquired is very valuable to seek for new opportunities.

Polish your Customer Relationships to compete on the Services Industries:

The fast pace of Indian growth is opening a high amount of new opportunities, and most of them are in the service industry. From tourism to outsourced services, the focus always is to the customer. You need to start seeing anybody requiring your services as a client. That is something you can contribute to some small companies to help them grow, and grow with them.

For example, communication with customers has been systematized to an extent where human interaction is lost. That is a great area of opportunity to improve current processes. To effectively manage the interests and needs of your customers, you need to build a strong bond. To constantly communicate with them and be aware of their needs is part of the job. To build trust is the hardest part, and once you have it, you won’t want to lose it. In the end, it all reflects on returning customers and a rise in profits.

With the growth of the service industry, customers’ relationships become a relevant topic for career development. Most degrees don’t come with training on how to treat customers, and that is something recent graduates usually learn the hard way. For those who understand and manage customer relationships properly, there will be wider opportunities.


English was the official language in India since 1965. However, only a few people are fluent. Only around 12% of the population is proficient speaking English, either as first or second language. Trade and industry progress in recent years have led to an international opening in India. It is becoming more important for employment to have a good command of English.

Some companies require a minimum score on one of the many English proficiency tests. The most popular in India is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), accepted with minimum scores ranging from 5.5 to 8.5. Other exams include the Pearson Test of English (PTE) and the Cambridge’s Assessments but preferred for academical porpoises.

Other popular tests in India are provided by companies dedicated evaluating potential employers. The Aspiring Minds’ Computer Adaptive Test (AMCAT) is one of the most popular tests to assess competent professionals for relevant positions. The AMCAT test includes a section for the English Language. It is designed to measure proficiency in simple grammar rules and words association. If you want to have a good shot and many opportunities, then you’ll need to get a minimum score of 90%. The AMCAT test assesses English at a more basic level and includes questions to determine proficiency in vocabulary, grammar, and comprehension.

The AMCAT test as other similar examinations comes in English, and to resolve other sections, you must fully understand the language. Having a particular test is just an additional filter to get the best-prepared candidates. In the following sections, we will dress the parts of most concern to applicants when they present an examination of English language.

Communication skills are the base of team work too. Presentation skills and to influence others would be the most important things. Work hard on the way you communicate and present yourself.

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Why A Professional Degree is Not Enough? Certifications, Soft Skills Are Important

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