Why IT Skills are Important to Every Job Seeker

Every job these days demands at least some IT skills or computer skills.  As a job seeker, you should pick up as many IT skills as possible, even though your job has little to do with information technology.

Your employer would certainly want to know if you can handle yourself with computers. So, you can be certain that no matter which job you are applying for, your IT skills will matter. It’s hard to get any career-level position these days that does not require at least some level of computer knowledge or technical expertise. The better you are at computers, the easier it will be for you to get a job.

Here’s a look at 4 of the most important basic IT skills or tech skills that employers are looking for.

 #1: Knowledge of Microsoft Office.

Most employers these days expect a prospective job seeker to have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel. Even if you are not an expert at using Excel, you should at least have basic skills such as constructing tables, performing computations, etc. You should also be knowledgeable about other Microsoft Office products such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Outlook. You must know how to design a basic PowerPoint presentation.

#2: Working knowledge of the latest technologies relevant to your niche.

The IT industry is a fast developing one. The IT skills that are most in demand today probably did not exist a few years back. That’s why you should keep yourself up-to-date with the latest technologies that are in demand right now, such as, say, cloud computing. If you are an accountant, for example, you should be knowledgeable about cloud accounting, as most accounting firms have moved to the cloud. The old ways of doing things will no longer do. You should make yourself relevant to a particular position by staying current with the latest trends in technology. Most importantly, you should always keep learning new tech skills.

#3: Social media skills.

Social media is today a vital part of any business. Employers expect any prospective job seeker to be social media savvy. After all, most young people today have grown up on the social media, and are very good at it. You should know how to engage with customers or clients on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, to name just a few social media sites, how to quickly respond to customer queries and resolve issues that may crop up with speed and efficiency.

#4: Troubleshooting skills.

Are you capable of troubleshooting the technical issues that crop up during work? Employees with troubleshooting skills are highly prized at the workplace. They are problem solvers, who are capable of thinking critically and taking initiative to find solutions on their own without having to beckon IT personnel at the slightest pretext. Companies today expect you to be very comfortable with the use of technology and not appear as a deer caught in the headlights when something goes wrong. Even if you have no background in computers, you should be able to solve basic problems such as a non-functioning printer or a formatting the hard disk, without having to call an IT person for the purpose.

Many small and mid-sized businesses took to new technologies such as cloud computing, machine learning and automation to simplify their processes.

Job seekers should endeavor to learn skills that complement technology and learn how to use the technology itself rather than work at a job that can be easily replaced by it.

Most companies are struggling to find the right fit for various positions and this means as a job seeker, you have a lot of leverage in the market. Use this to your advantage.

Final Thoughts

The mention of IT skills in your resume can make a lot of difference to your prospects of landing the job that you’re applying for. There isn’t a single job out there where you can survive with zero IT skills.

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Why IT Skills are Important to Every Job Seeker?

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