Successful Leadership Is About Motivating Members As A Team Towards Success

In any entrepreneurial set up, where there are more than one people working towards a common goal, the factor of team comes into play. A team is comprised of a number of persons with different or same skill sets, which are channelized to bring about a constructive front for the team. These people are going and entering into the team, which leads to the team dynamics. Some of the famous leaders and motivators have stressed upon the fact that the constant changes in the membership of the team can be important for the motivations of the team as a whole. This attribute is necessary for the continuous understanding of the team members, team goals and with leadership, achieving the requisite goals.

 Leadership: Team, Success, Motivation

  • Team Members

The first step towards success in a team is to understand the team members, who should be considered to be important sections of the team as a whole. A leader is always able to make a move to understand the people who have been selected into the team. When more than one person is there, each one has to be treated in a manner which will add to the overall productivity, without sending out signals of undermining anyone’s ability. Since every individual would be different or may have different skill sets, there has to be a right mix of motivating the individuals. Since the traits in the personality are different for each individual, the motivational requirements will be different and the leader will have to understand the factors that can motivate everyone to achieve the same level of productivity. Proper motivation techniques are important to be undertaken in an every changing team dynamics, which is a challenge for the leader and also a satisfying assignment.

  • Team Goals

Understanding the team goals and making them understood by the individual team members is another task that can be testing for the leaders. A successful endeavour by a team is taken to the finish line, only if the target or the goal is achieved in time. Since most enterprises are nowadays required to be fulfilled in a certain time interval, it is important that the leader is well aware of the short term and long term goal. More often than not, the short term goal keeps on altering in order to adjust for the broader perspective. Making the members heed to the demands of the goal and harnessing their skills for the final result is something that would require motivation from time to time. This motivation will have to be provided by the leader and thereby create a factor of trust between the leader and the members. Holidays, bonuses, parties, gifts, etc are way to motivate, apart from the interpersonal relationship.

  • Consistency of Team Principles

Consistent maintenance of the team leader is one of the issues that have plagued many organisations. Due to some reason or the other, the leader might be changed, and this is where the team members are out of touch. They might construe this as detrimental for their team because they start relating to the leader. To allay such an issue in the change in leadership, it should always be the policy to motivate the members towards success in terms of goal and not the leader. Keeping the principles of leadership constant, can help the members related to any change in leadership. A successful team is always one, which understands the goal while a leader helps in this goal.

With organisational set ups being important in the success of any company, there has been much stress on the team work these days. When a team is there, there is the need of a leader, who should guide the team, bind them together and carry them towards a successful goal. There has to be sufficient motivation for the team members to work together towards a common goal, which will not be affected in any adverse situation. The success is only a relative terms whose dynamics are interrelated with the leader, team members and the motivational forces.

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