How Is A Career In BPO The Right Move For The Youth Of India – 3 Pronged Approach

Indian economy has made its presence felt in the world economy in a big way and the benefits are being accrued by the Indian society. A major issue that has plagued India’s population since many years is that of the unemployment, which means that there is the need to have such opportunities which would create vacancies and jobs. For this solution to happen, the role of BPO in India has been considered as important.

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is a kind of work which is sought by various companies to provide them with back office services. Those who are interested for taking up the careers in BPO will be involved in providing business process services. Primarily the spectrum of work in BPO industry includes voice and non-voice based customer interaction services, telemarketing, transaction processing, analysis of customer specific data, technical support, claims processing, processing of finance and accounting transactions.

There are avenues in core contact centre in the organizations which provide BPO services which include telemarketing, customer support, technical support, multilingual support, etc. Apart from business support in the core contact centers, there are other facets of the services that can be carried out in the business outsourcing. Therefore, the other prospects of the jobs include legal, HR, marketing, administration, quality control, etc.

  • With so much to offer, BPO services have been the harbinger of apt solutions for removal of unemployment opportunities in the country. Since the technical requirements of getting a job in the BPO industry are not very strict, people can join a call centre if they have the minimum qualification of 10+2 pass and have proficiency in written or spoken English along with literacy in computers. These criteria for selection of candidates into the process outsourcing jobs have helped a large of young people to get into the jobs.
  • When recruited, people are usually in the young age group of about 20-25 years. Working for some good company surely gives the recruits a reasonable salary which is sufficient for people who are single. Apart from getting their day to day financial requirements fulfilled, the pay scales are also enough for people to fund higher studies or fulfill any other financial requirements in their homes or other personal expenditures. When people are getting such opportunities in their life, it is hardly ever that people leave such a golden opportunity.
  • There are plenty of career opportunities with the BPO industries. With a start at the lower executive level, where people are involved in the handling of the calls and queries directly, they can go higher up in the administration level to become project heads, team managers, country heads and so on. Being in a job that has a common feature throughout the country, people will get better career development opportunities. This will enable them to develop new skills and leadership responsibilities. The same has been true for most of the present day team mangers and leaders, who started their careers as executives. They can indulge in planning, training and quality control also, with their experiences in this particular domain.

Career in BPO, seems to be one of the very best in the country, not only because of the financial factors, but also because of the knowledge acquiring that is possible. For those who are seeking these jobs can get employed from a very young age and therefore have enough time to spend in planning their next moves.

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