How Far Indian Public Sector Recruitment Is Holding True To Its Essence

Many wouldn’t disagree with the observation that the government jobs are preferred in India more than any other kind of employment opportunity. But simply stating this, as a means of positive thinking is not enough. There has to be a substantial proof of such a trend, which is evident from the number of people holding government jobs and the number of such jobs available.

The Fact Sheet:

Organised sector in the country has about 294 thousand establishments of which, public sector share is 172 thousand while private sector organisations are 122 thousand. Total number of people employed, as in March 2005, were 181 lakhs in the public sector industries and private sector figures were about 84 lakhs. In the next fiscal, the public sector employment decreased by only 1 % while there was a growth of 2.4% in the next year in the private sector. The small figure of 1% in this particular case is not a very hefty figure, but sure is a cause of worry and reflects the changing trend in the government sector jobs. Stand alone or yearly figures might not be revealing everything, but when these results are analysed over the past five years, it has been actually seen that there has been a uniform decline in the demand for government sector jobs, more so for the central government opportunities.

If the trend is going southwards, then should it be considered to have a negative impact on the Indian development scenario? This is what many people are thinking and therefore are forced to reassess the overall growth or GDP of the country. Surprisingly, various data suggest that Indian economy is on the upwards, with sectors like manufacturing growing at the rate of 2% per annum. Strong movers of Indian economy have been the manufacturing industry, along with the growth in infrastructure, pharmaceutical, steel and mining, and other service sectors. Furthermore, the FDI and retail industry have added much to strengthen the economy of the country and are simultaneously generating employment to a great extent.

Looking good Indian organisations:

In a situation where Indian economy is looking good, in spite of the small hassles that are going on from time to time, job opportunities for the Indian population are growing. Changing scenarios have been seen mostly in the field of engineering and IT, health sector, education and academics, and research. Some of the major employers in the government sector are the banks, railways, defence, health, and scientific research. These sectors have been in force since many years, probably from the time of the independence. But in recent years, they are not only given autonomy to function on their own, and create their own revenues. This goes on to suggest that the government organisations are functioning more like private enterprises where decision making at the administrative levels are in the hands of only a top few. Freedom to work on their own and lack of any red-tapism has caused these organisations to function as private sector organisations.

Government sector recruitment:

Even the recruitment process has got refined in the last few years, with the entire process getting over in a few days time. Most of the recruitments are being taken over by bodies that deal specifically with that particular recruitment. The conducting of the written exam for banking jobs by Institute of Banking Personnel Selection has been a recent example of how these Indian jobs are going into the hands of specially formed bodies. This has also allowed the process to get streamlined and the best part of such a story is that the candidates are getting to know about these jobs from the media sources.

Financial upliftment:

Improvement in the pay packages all over the country, due to the 6th pay commission, has further strengthened the job scenario in the country. People are ready to opt for these jobs because they are either at par or sometimes more than the private jobs. Such a reason is sure to change the trend from the negative to the positive, where more people are aiming for government jobs.

Various factors are responsible for the preference of jobs in government organisations and those who want to take advantage of them can choose their companies, organisations and the appointment letter. Fixed working hours, stability of jobs, promotional possibilities, and the mere fact that government jobs are the most preferable since time immemorial have brought in many people to the doorsteps of such employment opportunities.

Study to work:

Educational qualifications play a major role in the employment in the government organisations. Unlike the private sectors, where jobs like BPO and those in call centres or customer support services do not require any specific degrees, most of the jobs in government sector are ruled by specific educational backgrounds. Many are also possible to be acquired only by qualifying in the written exams as in banking exams, defence services and even in health sector. Such stringent selection criteria seem to be the norm in the government employment sector.

The Compensation:

Jobs in the government sector at the entry level are somewhat having a weaker financial lure as compared to the private sector. But if a thorough consideration is put, then it will be easy to mark that the former jobs are more relaxed and seldom are required to rush for results as in a private set up. Now that people have already become aware about the downside of jobs in private sector and are also looking at opportunities in the government arena, it would be wise to assume that people would go for these jobs, if the other factors like pay, status and future prospects are good.

Nowadays, government jobs are seen to be further increasing and are also found in many areas. It has become a matter of personal choice because the 3 to 4 decades of coexistence that government people and private organisations have had for each other, has provided a balancing trick to both of them. Happy coexistence is becoming a norm, where many people are getting benefited and the economy of the country is also seen to be improving.

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