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Culture And Education In Israel Providing Impetus For Inflow Of Foreign Students

Lying in the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea is the country of Israel which is endowed with rich landscapes of the coast. Any part of Israel that is seen from the coast gives the onlooker a sense of serenity and breathtaking scenes. The port cities of Haifa and Tel Aviv are as developed as any developed city in the world. Israel is one of the most exciting centers of cultural blends, although Jewish culture predominates.

Having a history that is probably dating back to the era of the Christ, Israel is a great place to relate to the history of Christianity and Jews. Archaeological sites in plenty and excellent musical scenarios in the country makes an environment which the students as well as the visitors find attractive along with some world class resorts in areas like Eilat on Red Sea, are inviting enough for the students. The universities and education system are therefore sought by students from various communities, mostly those who want to study Jewish and Israeli culture.

Why study in Israel

  • Studying in Israel will give a unique experience to the students, which perhaps is not possible in one’s home country. Culturally, the cities of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem offer the students something that is heard and read in books or journals. Here, one can experience the historical importance that is associated in everything that is found.
  • Academically, the country has grown to be best known among the Middle East nations, with peace and stability like never before. Prospects of personal enrichment, diversity in learning environment, student exchange programs in plenty, unique curriculum offered nowhere else, familiar and friendly environment, and the cost advantages have spurred many students to arrive in the country of Israel and fulfill their higher education pursuits.
  • Over the years, the country has become well known for the superiority in subjects like arts and culture, history, Israeli literature and politics, Islamic studies and Hebrew language studies. These are courses which are not possible to be found in many countries and therefore foreign students are seeking out studies in Israeli universities.


Although Israel has Hebrew as its commonly spoken and read language, people can also study the courses in English and therefore this has become a good reason for many foreign students to apply for the universities.

  • There is the Israeli University Consortium containing 5 government universities which aim at bringing together students from various cultures and universities, all under one roof.
  • Various exchange programs are offered to the students by collaborating with the universities in the North American countries so that the Israeli university students are exposed to the best of the cultures of Israel and America.
  • There are many public funded universities and a few privately managed universities in the country, which gives the students enough places to pursue courses of their interest.

Admission requirements

  • Apart from having the minimum eligibility requirements for the individual courses, students need to have a qualifying score of 550 minimum in the GMAT test and minimum GPA of 80% from a recognized university in their home country.
  • For bachelor’s courses, student need to have pass certificate from their secondary schools, the bachelor’s degree is required to take admissions in the master’s programs and the doctoral and PhD courses can be pursued by having pass in the post graduate or master’s degrees.

Visa requirements

  • For those who belong to USA and Canada, they can enter Israel for a maximum period of 3 months without getting a visa. But still, they will have to pass through the passport inspection office in the Ben Gurion Airport, for the passport to be stamped with a tourist visa.
  • People from other regions of the world will have to get student visa before coming to Israel, in the Israeli consulate or embassy near their area. For this purpose, they will have to bring the documents of:

–       Passport with a validity period of 2 years

–       Letter of acceptance in the university addressed to the Israeli consulate

–       Visa application form in duplicate which is obtained from the Israeli consulate

–       2 passport sized photographs

–       Proof of sufficient funds to cover the tuition and living expenses

–       Letter of recommendations with one from academic level and other from professional level

–       An essay on why the students want to study in Israel and how they will be using the degrees in their future jobs or avenues

–       GMAT scores

Cost of study and living in Israel

  • Although the Hebrew language courses are very cheap to be studied in Israel, yet the English courses are also not quite costly. Government universities do not charge any tuition fees from even international students although private universities will cost around 3000 to 8000 dollars every semester. This might again depend on the courses chosen by the students.
  • Cost of living in Israeli cities is also not quite high and can cost the students somewhere around 500 to 750 dollars per month, which will include travelling, laundry, fooding, and entertainment charges as well.

Scholarships to study in Israel

Plenty of funding agencies, government organizations and various Jewish organizations, help the students liberally by offering them scholarships.

  • There are two types of scholarships that are commonly found with the Jewish bodies, which are used for covering the airfare and the tuitions. Sometimes people can avail both or either of these.
  • Medical professions scholarships are offered to students of medicine streams as well as for any other health related fields.
  • Business school scholarships are found for the students who wish to undertake business courses in Israel.
  • Francois Fiessinger PhD scholarships are offered for students wishing to pursue doctoral courses in various subjects such as microbiology, environmental management, engineering, biology, etc.
  • Ford foundation fellowship international programs are offered for students seeking courses for 3 years in Israel.
  • Gates millennium scholars, is a program being offered by private organization for various courses in many developing countries.
  • Mayme and Herbert Frank educational trust offers scholarships to students.

Similarly, there are many kinds of scholarships that are offered by the institutes and universities in which the students take admissions in Israel, apart from the private organizations and private trust funds.

Expected Outcomes

After studying from Israel, the students are aware about the culture and living in the country. Apart from this, they have gained valuable knowledge in the courses, which makes their education worthy of being hired by various companies. Their contributions towards the development of these organizations will be a reflection of their higher education degrees which have been acquired from Israeli universities.

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