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Why study in Hong Kong?

Rapidly Developing Economy Of Hong Kong Makes For An Equally Favored Higher Education

Being the world’s one of the best developed regions, the country of Hong Kong is home to many skyscrapers and advanced systems of communication. Not only is Hong Kong a favorite spot to enjoy life, but over the years it has grown on to become a recognized centre for learning.

Why study in Hong Kong

Home to about seven million people with a global perspective, Hong Kong is a melting pot of culture in its truest sense. The population starts with most of them being Chinese, but all of them are multilingual and know English. The degrees provided by the universities are recognized internationally so that the students can land a job in any company in any country. Many colleges of Hong Kong are place in the top rankings by the 2010 World University Rankings. Being near to the mainland of china, the opportunities in Hong Kong are further increased as it is one of the most developed regions of the world. Life is full of adventure and sightseeing if one comes to Hong Kong and the students have all the places to go when they plan to unwind from the hectic schedule of college life.


The curriculum of today in Hong Kong has been designed to stimulate the brains of people, with creativity in education. In the early 2000s the curriculum of Hong Kong went through a huge change in the system of assessment and language instruction. Exam-centered study was change to whole development studies with moral and civil education, intellectual development, community service, physical and aesthetic development and career related experiences.

  • The concept of 3 years undergraduate and 2 years masters or post graduate studies is being implemented in Hong Kong.
  • There are about 8 public funded universities and many other private universities offering bachelors’, masters, doctoral and PhD courses. Also post secondary diploma, vocational and certificate courses are being offered by these universities and institutions in Hong Kong.

Visa requirements

Students from the foreign countries, who wish to study in Hong Kong, can do so by first getting student permit. All the students, who are not from China and a few other countries, will be required to furnish the visa. For all types of courses, the visa is a must, starting from the school level education to the university level courses.

  • Entry into Hong Kong shall be considered if education is proposed to be in a higher education institute and he or she has the acceptance letter from the said university.
  • The application form ID 995A is to be filled up by taking it from the Hong Kong consulate and submitting it along with the required documents.
  • First step is to find a sponsor to certify the student and these are supposed to be a person or organization who will take the responsibility of the students in the country. Sometimes the universities are also allowed to take up the students as sponsors and one of the criteria is to provide proof of financial responsibility of the students for the period of study.
  • Documents required are passport, photographs, school acceptance letter, financial sufficiency letter, residence certificate, and the others as asked by the consulate office.
  • When the application is processed and the visa label is issued, it will be collected at the consulate in which the application was done and the passport will be provided with the required label of visa.
  • For such visa, which might expiry before the student completes the study, the extension can be applied 4 weeks before the actual date of expiry.

Admission requirements

Those students who want to pursue education in Hong Kong will have to pick out their universities first. Then they should get in touch with the university and ask for the course structure, fees, time of admissions, admission requirements, program specific criteria and application headlines.

Since there is a wide scale variation in the manner in which the student qualification is judged differently by different universities, these criteria should be cleared out first.

  • In general secondary school completion is necessary for admissions into undergraduate studies. For the masters’ and doctoral courses students will have to complete their bachelors and masters degree from their residence country.
  • Sometimes English language qualifying exam is to be passed so that the IELTS or TOEFL scores are sought by the students.
  • The deadline for applying in the universities and the paper works should be enquired and then one should get ready to put in their applications, if the course, the university and other features are liked by the students.


  • Sir Edward Youde memorial fellowships for students pursuing post graduate research programs where the assistance is one off grant of 30,000 dollar, along with others that they might be getting. This can be received if the students are pursuing the said research in one of the public universities in Hong Kong.
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowships for students who are pursuing undergraduate, diploma or certificate courses who will receive a grant of 20,000 dollars as one off payment.
  • Other such awards and scholarships are Sir Edward Youde memorial fellowships and scholarships for disabled students, for apprenticeship courses, visiting professional schemes, etc.
  • The student Financial Assistance Agency and the HKSAR Government Scholarship fund are two more bodies for the granting of scholarships to the meritorious students from local as well as abroad, who seek to study various courses.
  • Besides, there are many public and private agencies which support the students with grants and loans so that they can go for the undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral courses in Hong Kong.

Many universities also extent scholarships to their students on request provided the students have had an exemplary record in previous courses. These are derived from the funds of the universities themselves or are received through them from private and government agencies.

Cost of Living

The metropolis of Hong Kong is a bit costlier than many other countries surrounding it, even that of China. Food, rent, transportation, accommodations, clothing, and other necessities are not very cheap. Even university education is a bit higher but is reasonable when compared to many other western countries.

  • On an average the tuition fee for study in an university in Hong Kong is about 10,000 USD to 15,400 USD per year. These might also vary according to the university and also by the type of course that one is pursuing in Hong Kong.
  • The cost of living can be around 650 USD per semester, provided the accommodation is arranged in dorms or inside the university campuses. The other living expenses can be 3,900 USD on an average for a year.

Being located close to mainland China, students passing out from the universities in Hong Kong can put in applications for jobs in China. The degrees are well recognized in not only china, but also in many other countries throughout the world. If people can arrange suitable work permit after completion of their education, they also have the option to work in various multinational companies which are readily opening their branches and offices in the Hong Kong, because of its metropolitan nature.

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