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Plenty Of Unique Features Ruling The Reasons For Study In Georgia

Georgia is a sovereign state in the Eurasia region at the juncture of Eastern Europe and western Asia. The Black Sea bounds it in the western side, Russia is to the north and Turkey and Armenia are in the south. Republic of Georgia is having a small population of about 4.5 millions. Development in the region is evident from the fact that the country has become members in various world organisations like WHO, Organisation of the Black Sea Economic cooperation, Community of Democratic Choice, Asian Development Bank, etc. Like in many other countries, the capital city of this country Tbilisi is the primary attraction, with the growth of university education starting from here.

Why study in Georgia

A temperature and climatic conditions that are similar to those of the Asian countries, with summers in July and winters in January, the international students do not find it difficult to adjust in the environment.

There are plenty of other reasons why the students should pick up Georgia Republic for their higher education and they are:

  • Universities carry out the processing of admission application within 7 working days, thereby do not causing any inadvertent delay. The students will be on their way to join the courses within 1 month, if accepted.
  • English language proficiency is not warranting any exams and instead, the students can demonstrate their capability to read English only.
  • Students from few countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka have no embassy interview.
  • Students must be within the age group of 18-30 and need to have only 10th standard pass with understanding of English language, for entry into the undergraduate or diploma courses.
  • Fund sufficiency proof is not required to be shown and the cost of study and expenses are quite low.
  • Visa can also be obtained after landing in the Tbilisi airport. It can also be renewed before the expiry date by easy process.
  • Part time work is allowed to cover living costs, hotel management courses can be followed up with 2 years work, finding of job is easy in Georgia and the citizenship conferred after 5 years of stay in the country are some of the factors that have lured many students into the Republic of Georgia.
  • The country has become an easy destination to get the Schengen visa as it is a part of the treaty and therefore many students try and get their particular visa by studying or living in Georgia.
  • Facilities of free medical and education benefits after one attains permanent residency in the country is allowed.


The culture of Georgia is a mix of modern and traditional customs. Even though there has not been much in terms of world politics and trade, yet the culture of Georgia has been deeply impregnated with historical, cultural and social flavours.

  • Excellent facilities are provided for the student support, teaching and research activities so that the higher education universities have been highly in demand among the foreign students.
  • Modernisation of the education system in Georgia has further proved to be of benefit for the higher education infrastructure.
  • Students who have passed the secondary school education can start their higher education from the undergraduate bachelor’s level.
  • Admission into state funded higher educational institutions is possible only if the students have passed the Unified National Examinations. This depends on the rankings of the students in the examination.
  • The courses offered by these higher education universities are Bachelor’s degree of 3-4 years, master’s program of 2 years and doctoral programme of 3 years.
  • A special program of Certified Specialist’s Program is provided for single stage higher level education, which extends for about 3-6 years.


Admission requirements

In order to seek admissions in the Republic of Georgia, students will have to register with the universities first by sending in the documents of 10th and 10+2 mark sheets, photocopy of the passport, passport sized photograph and application fee of 800 dollars.

  • For the master’s programs, the students need to pass through the undergraduate or 1st cycle exams and should have transcripts of the marks.
  • Doctoral courses are also provided by these universities so that the students can take part in various research based activities, and for this, there is need to have completed master’s degrees.
  • For Graduate courses you have to complete bachelor’s degree or equivalent with the US standard of education
  • Also there is a standard set for different levels of TOEFL Score. For Undergraduates this is 61 in the internet based test, for graduates it is 79 at the same level of test.
  • If you are appearing TOEFL in Computer based mode or paper based mode, the scores vary according to requirement.
  • Some of the Georgian Colleges and Universities set a minimum grade point for admissions. The students interested in such colleges or universities have to look for the specific academic calendar so as to know exactly about the minimum required grade points.
  • The colleges also see that there are sufficient funds for education and boarding during the complete period of education. The students must be financially sound to pursue such career oriented courses in Georgia.
  • There are no admission deadlines in case of universities in Georgia.

Visa requirements

People can travel into Georgia by carrying with them the preadmission letter and a cable visa. Documents that are required to be on person during landing are:

–       Original invitation letter issued by the University

–       Original passport

–       Visa forms

–       Original birth certificate

–       Original police clearance certificate

–       Return air tickets which costs around Rs 60,000

Students will need the proper documents in order to apply for the visa to Republic of Georgia which includes:

–       Valid passport with expiry date minimum 6 months beyond the date of departure

–       Educational qualifications and transcripts of mark sheets

–       10 number of passport sized photographs

–       Medical certificate

–       No need to show fund sufficiency

  • Visa stamping gets done on arrival in the Tbilisi International airport at the immigration office and the students are asked a few questions, related to their course and studies. At this time, the students are required to pay their fees for the year, which is mandatory to paste the entry visa in the passport. It is during this time that the proof of funds to the extent of Indian Rupee of 1.5 lakhs on the average for one year is to be provided to the immigration officials.

Cost of study and living in Georgia

Initially, the students need to possess a sum of 5000 dollars when they enter the country, half of which should be in the form of local currency. With this money, the students will have to pay for the tuition fee, hostel accommodations and other expenses.

Total tuition fees for studying in universities in Georgia can be about 3500 dollars for the entire session because the universities do not charge any fees at the higher education levels.

Students will required to get medi-claim insurance of about 100 dollars, 1000 dollars for accommodation and 500 dollars more for miscellaneous expenses.


Scholarships in Georgia are usually not found because of the subsidized rates of study and very little expenditure. Some private companies have provided facilities for funding the foreign students though.

What to expect from Study in Georgia

The country has facilities to provide job opportunities to the students who have passed from the universities in the country. This is easy due to the quick and easy process of applying for the work permit. People can also start their own business, which is sometimes lucrative.

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