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Studying In Cyprus At Low Cost And Quality Education With The Available Resources

The country of Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean at the northeast corner, at a point where the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe seem to converge. The cultural history is Cyprus is quite interesting and rich, since its origin. For the means of higher learning, Cyprus provides the ideal setting, thereby making it a hot destination for the international students. By attracting the international scholars and students from various countries, the education system of Cyprus has fostered international understanding and peace.

Why study in Cyprus

Cyprus is a small country, where tourism is the mainstay of the economy but yet has established itself as a popular place among the international students. With a dedicated approach towards achieving excellence in teaching and higher standards of research, many universities in Cyprus have come up in recent years, providing education at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels.

It has been the commitment of these universities to bring about and maintain the standard of excellence. Cyprus presents the foreign students an environment which is conducive to study because it has a multicultural perspective and a culturally rich environment. The intellectual exchange is highly possible because of the close knit communities. Since people with high academic achievements are meeting together with easy exchange of knowledge, and from different nationalities, information and idea sharing is quite easy. Learning in an environment of experimentation and scholarship is highly possible in Cyprus.

Much has been achieved in the field of tourism and management which is possible to be pursued with an affordable fee, due to which many students are eyeing these institutes of higher education in Cyprus. The following reasons reiterate the superiority of the Cyprus education, especially in the higher study institutes.

Studying in Cyprus doesn’t warrant a show of the bank statement by the students.

  • There is no requirement of having English proficiency test scores such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Costs are very much lower than what it is for an equivalent level of education in the US and UK.
  • Visa required to enter into Cyprus can be obtained quite easily, as far as the students are concerned.
  • The standard of education in Cyprus is equitable with that in the Europe and UK, as well as the infrastructural facilities are also quite high.
  • Social environment is quite safe and people are friendly which entices the students of today to land here in Cyprus for their higher education. The country is free of any political disturbances and crime rate is almost none.
  • Plenty of archaeological sites, resorts and various sightseeing places make Cyprus a traveler’s destination, which the students can also enjoy by taking some time out of their study schedules.
  • Since students from all over the world arrive here for their education, the country seems to have a great platform for exchange of ideas and intelligence.


For the purpose of higher education, there are a number of universities in Cyprus, which admit the students from foreign lands. Like those in the European countries, there are technical universities and those which offer basic humanities and science courses. In Cyprus, these universities are under the control of the government while many are also privately run. A couple of universities are also established by public private partnerships.


Students, who are intending to take up higher education in Cyprus, need to have a secondary level education or finished 12 years of school education, so that they can be allowed admissions at the undergraduate or bachelor’s level education. The undergraduate and bachelor level education needs to be finished for entry into the masters’ degree or post graduate level universities.

  • In order to take admissions, the students need to fill in the application form and also gather further information about the different courses, the office of admissions of the particular colleges or universities need to be got in touch.
  • The students need to have a completed application form, marksheets of the undergraduate courses and any other kind of proof of proficiency in English. Most of the universities ask for these basic requirements, although other requirements can vary from one university to another.

Visa process

Students from many nationalities arrive in Cyprus in order to pursue their subjects of choice. The student’s visa has to be applied through the migration officer in the city of a province near the students, through the universities. For the foreign students, the applications should be forwarded through the respective institutions or the students can directly submit their applications to the embassy at the host countries.

  • It requires about 1 month’s time to process the visa, and so the students need to submit their applications about 2-3 months before the start of the session and allow time to process the visa.
  • The students require certain documents such as the passport which is valid for one year, passport photocopy, filled up application form, sufficiency of funding sources proof, a good conduct certificate from the police station of the host locality of the students, and various original certificates as directed by the embassy of Cyprus in the country of the student.
  • In order to get the visa, students need to pay a processing fee of 20 sterling.


  • Financial aid programs are found in many universities and colleges in Cyprus, the aim of which is to allow the students to avail financial support in order to complete their study in Cyprus.
  • Need grants are also there in Cyprus, through which the students, regardless of their academic performances are given to the students who are in need of such grants. This grant is allowed only if the students submit their application for the financial aid. These are although limited, yet their provision by the universities are a great encouragement for the foreign students to study in Cyprus. This amount is usually covering only 1/3rd of the total financial need of the students.

Cost of living

  • Living in Cyprus outside the campus is within a price range of 3000 to 5000 sterling for a year. Private apartments can be a little higher but are comfortable because of the entire house for themselves. For the purpose of providing accommodations, these houses are being built. Other living expenses are included in the category.
  • The tuition fee for study in the universities in Cyprus is usually, about 2000 to 4000 sterling ever year. These fee structures are actually quite low than the European countries and the UK.

One of the biggest advantages that the students in universities of Cyprus can avail of is that of the job prospects in the country as well as in other European nations. Since Cyprus is quite close to Europe, its degrees are recognized by many other nations and its education system is also well accepted. Even when the students get back to their countries, they are also having a wide acceptance. The prospects are quite bright for the students who have undergone the university education in Cyprus and with lower cost of quality education the demand has increased in the last few years.

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