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Being A Part Of The Rising Economy By Studying In China For Higher Academic Courses

With the rising need of higher education in the rapidly developing economy of the world, people are getting the opportunities for studying courses which would give them an advantage.China, having been established itself as a major economic centre in the world is attracting many students from all over the world. In order to facilitate the admission for the international students, it is mandatory for these students to understand the different aspects of studying inChina.


Most important feature that should be marked by people going for studying in China is that the country has attained remarkable progress in research in various branches of science and arts. It is not without reason that the country has been named as one of the superpowers of the world.

  • In the year starting from the 1980s, the education system started progressing so that by 1992, there were about 1075 higher learning institutions.
  • So far, there are 1,700 research institutions of natural sciences run by universities, 220 research institutes and 540 research centers of social sciences, 400 key disciplines and 99 national laboratories.

The magnanimity of these figures is an apt demonstration of the scientific and research based development of the country. The universities inChinaare under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. Due to the introduction of a strict system of examination in the country, quality is assured for the students entering into the various universities.

Entrance exam of unified type is necessary for all students to enter into graduate studies, ensuring that the best and the brightest students are allowed entry into the universities.


  • Full time universities have academic year divided into 2 or 3 semesters. Usually the first semester starts from September while the second is from February.
  • There are about 20 weeks in one semester and each week has about 6 working days. Winter and summer vacations are mandatory with a few other holidays, allowing students some time off from their regular curriculum.

All the universities have campuses fully equipped with playground facilities and other extra curricular activities such as athletics, badminton, swimming, ball games and chess. Also the outdoor games like football, volleyball and basketball games are encouraged. People who are interested for learning Chinese martial arts can also learn them including Wushu and Quigong, thereby giving the opportunity for the overall development of the students.

Why Study in China?

Education to foreign students has been provided by China for more than 50 years now and it has strived to become one of the favorite destinations for foreign students from various countries. There are top universities, colleges and institutes in the country, which accommodate many students in different disciplines with efforts to have innovation in distinctive teaching and training methods so that the academic requirements of the foreign students are satiated. As a result of such an effort, people are nowadays able to access the course materials in their own languages from the universities in china.

Not only is the education standard in the country of the best class, but also the culture and heritage of the country is worth visiting. Age old traditions offer the students variations in academic interests. Blending the oldest living culture with the modern education system is perfect in the Chinese academic excellence. An economy that is rapidly developing, culture which can charm any foreign entrant and hospitality of people can be perfect for study abroad experience.

People who want to avail scholarship programs can do so in the exchange program or can apply through government policies. Students seeking private college admissions can directly apply to the respective colleges. With non-academic activities possible for the foreign students, those who are taking up admissions in these colleges, have all the opportunities to do so. With student bodies and welfare programs in almost all colleges, the students have best possible opportunities for self development and academic excellence.

Admission Requirements:

In order to take up admissions in the various institutes, candidates will have to fulfill certain eligibility criteria, as per the course which they are intending to take up. Some of these are:

  • Those applying for the undergraduate courses should have diploma in the subject with good results and should be less than 25 years of age.
  • Those going for the master degree program should have bachelor degrees and age should be less than 35 while for doctoral degrees, there has to be a master degree with less than 40 years of age.
  • Application process:

The points under which the application form is to be submitted are grades in the previous examinations, academic performances, recommendation letters, interest and hobbies, talents, mark sheets, and other transcripts and the reason why studying in China has been adopted. Additionally, candidates have also to mention about their objectives and goals and other talents in a kind of autobiography which is termed as Personal Statement or Essay. This helps in assessing the standard of writing and communication skills. Such a write up is given a lot of stress and therefore the students should also seek external help in order to make it attractive.

Then the candidates should get prepared for the personal interview in front of a selection committee, where the questions are mostly concerned with the events of China in the current context. During the interview, stress should be laid down on mannerism, behavior and presenting self. Some universities also seek to go for group discussions where the depth of speech is given lot of importance. Some universities are also taking in application through the online modes due to which the system of application has become convenient.

Visa Requirements:

Everyone who intends to stay in china for more than 24 hours will need the visa. The Chinese embassy in different countries is the best source for understanding the visa procedures, as this is the official premises where the decision of the type of visa can be finalized as well as the process of applying for visa.

For the student visa to be issued, the documents required will be letter of acceptance from the university, insurance proof and sufficient fund proof in order to ensure that the student can live in the country on his or her own expenses. Sometimes the program provider can also give an assurance in writing about the student fulfilling all the above criteria is also sufficient.

  • The passport and visa with all the blank pages and 6 months validity will be required
  • The visa application form Q1 is to be filled up with 2 inch passport photos along with the entrance notice of schools inChinaand Foreign Student Visa Application form.
  • For staying inChinafor more than a period of one year, there is requirement of physical examination certificate for foreign students.
  • Student visa is required for the foreigners who want to study or intern practice for a period of 6 months or more and this is labeled as the X visa according to the visa code.

Cost of Study and Living in China:

For international students, the cost of study is varied with the type of courses and also sometimes due to the choice of province. Tuition cost in Indian rupees would be around Rs 2 lakhs to Rs 3 lakhs for undergraduate studies while the post graduate courses can cost 4 – 5 lakhs.

The living cost in a typical expenditure for the foreign students can be an average of about 40, 000 INR, which can be variable. Since fooding is not of a major concern, the greater expenditure is on housing and accommodation. People can find good place to stay by getting in touch with people they know.

Western China is comparatively cheaper than the port cities of Beijing, Guangzhou, Quingdao and Sanghai. Accommodations available for the students can be quite varied but sufficient so that they can choose the ones as per their wish.

Scholarships Available:

While intending to study in China, candidates can very well go for the scholarship programs to fund their education, which are available by the Chinese government as well as many private programs. Chinese Government Scholarship scheme is provided by Ministry of education ofChinafor educational exchange programs or by agreements reached between Chinese government and other parties. This consists of full time and partial scholarships for students and scholars.

The Chinese government programs scholarships has been entrusted by MOE to the China Scholarship Council, which allows these if:

–      Applicants are non-chinese and of good health

–      Applicant has applied for undergraduate program, then the senior high school diploma with good academic performance is required with age below 25 years.

–      Master degree, doctoral degree program applicants should have good marks and have age below 35 and 40 years respectively.

–      Those who want the Chinese language programs should have age less than 35 years

–      Candidates for general scholar courses should have two years of undergraduate courses and should be below 45 years and other criteria as deemed necessary.

Private scholarships are provided by some programs such as:

  • Hong Kong arts program for students seeking studies in arts and fellowship courses
  • Freemans award for study in Asia for courses which are unique
  • Henry Luce foundation scholarships
  • Fogart/Allison Clinical Research Training fellowships for students interested for medicine studies

Some other scholarships are SIT Asia Fund, SIT fund scholarships, HBCU Fund scholarships, Diversity Fund scholarships, etc.

Job and career prospects:

After finishing the studies in the Chinese universities, people can go for the jobs and careers in the country itself. Most of the international students wish for lucrative careers in various multinational companies or can take up jobs in their own countries, so that they get into respectable and commanding positions. Since China is well recognized as a power in world scenario, and its education system is aimed at the worldwide students, there is sufficient exposure to an international community, which is sought after by many people these days, thereby making it increasingly prospective for the foreign students.

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