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Higher Education Scoring Big In Amazing City Of Argentina

At a time when technology is making advancements into every stream of life, it is hardly found anywhere that the cultural ethics are being tried to be blended with modern education system. But for all the students who are studying inArgentina, this is not at all a surprise. High standards of research and teaching centers have allowed the local scientific tradition to form a symbiotic relationship with the development in science and research activities.

Why study in Argentina

The population and the surrounding, both are friendlier than what people might think of a foreign land. When people leave the comforts of their home town or country and arrive at Argentina, they might be apprehensive of staying in the 2nd largest country in theSouth America. The vastness of the country allows the presence of plains and mountains, sea and deserts and almost all types of geographical landscapes. Climatic conditions are not going to the extremes, so that people from all countries can adjust themselves to the country.

  • The rich heritage of the country is not only evident from the nomination for noble prize of three of its scientists, but also from the plenty of other achievements in fields of academics and scientific research. Endowed with an educational tradition of about 100 years, the government has made an effort to ensure that the residents have access to free education in the country.
  • It has been a policy of the universities to admit all students and the teachers are recruited by tests to ensure that the students get their education from teachers who are supposedly the best in the field.
  • Scientific research activities are important inArgentinaand this is implied from the fact that such activities are submitted through the National Scientific and Technical Research Council.
  • The locations of various training centers are widely distributed through the country and also are near to touristic spots.

Last but not the least, the cultural richness and heritage of the country has been exemplary with arts, cinema, paintings, music and instruments being commonly imbibed in the social set up of the country.


Not only Argentina is well known for its world famous football, but the education of the youth is of the highest standard and this is known from the large number of literates, which is highest in the continent. The higher education system inArgentinais regarded as the best in the region with annual intake of about 25,000 foreign students at different levels. Fees are levied for the education system while the scholarships are also levied for the different courses.

  • The higher education system includes a number of universities of different types. 38 national universities are there, which cater to 80% of students and are responsible for carrying out 50% of research work. Private universities are 43 in number and are mostly located in the urban areas. Apart from these, there are 6 state run higher education institutes and 13 private run undergraduate institutes, 1 provincial university, 1 foreign university and 1 international university.
  • Acknowledgement to each of these universities is provided by the National Department of Education through the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation.
  • To maintain the highest level of education and ensure that the laid down policies are adhered to regularly, the national body carries out checks every 5 to 6 years.

Application procedure

Every student who wishes to pursue an education in the argentine university will have to enroll directly in the university. For this purpose, the documents that are needed to be submitted are the certificate which shows that the students have finished their primary and secondary school level education, national identity documents and the photocopy, and two photographs.

  • A GPA of minimum of 2.5 is a must for the students in any grade.

Visa requirements

The visa or the student permit has to be applied for through the National Immigration Department. The foreign students need to apply for the visa by approaching the consulate office in their region. Here there would be the requirement of proof of identity, and should prove that they don’t have a criminal record in the place where they have been residing since last 5 years.

  • They will also have to prove that they have sufficient means to support themselves financially and finally give a proof that they have command over the local language properly.
  • After the above documentation and other paraphernalia are finished, the immigration department will be giving the temporary residence permit to the applicant, which would be having a validity of about 2 years.
  • There would be the necessity to go for the visa, if the students are to stay in the country for a period of more than 90 days.

Cost of study and living in Argentina

In Argentina, there are usually two systems of universities, one of which is public and the other group is private owned. The fee in the public universities is usually not charged or is of a nominal amount.

  • Private universities have a rate for the tuition fee but this is also lower than many other foreign countries in the west. Hence, it is not possible to generalize the cost of study in the country, although the private universities have a monthly expenditure of about 500 to 1000 pesos.
  • Living conditions inArgentinaare many and therefore students have the options to choose from. Depending on these options, the students will have to shell out the monthly expenditures, which are considered to be within a limit of about 400-700 pesos.
  • This amount is also inclusive of the transportation, food and other small loving expenses.

Scholarships in Argentina

Many students have attained the financial aids and other grants every day for the thousands of students who arrive in this place for pursuing higher education. When applying to the particular university, they can enquire about being one of such sources where research based subjects are allowed grants. These are forthcoming from the universities, local people and the global students can learn these things from the counselor at work.

After passing out from various colleges, the candidates can rest assured that they will get jobs of the standard which is their sole aim. Not only are the students having a world recognition, but the present day scenario has brought the infrastructure and transportation facility to become the best, which is the notational aspect of improving the knowledge system.

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