Career in Veterinary Science

Veterinary Science is a professional that deals with curing of diseases in animals. Treatment of pets may vary based upon their type. A veterinarian firstly diagnoses disease, control its effect and prevent its transmission to get spread.   They are responsible to handle the health and welfare of birds and animal.  Knowledge in various disciplines to carry technical issues accurately plays very important role. Working in such areas require lots of patience, stamina, confidence, power of observation, adaptability, team work and good communicational skill. Analysis the need of each patient and refer them correct diagnosed results is the task of professional veterinarian. They occupy positions in biological, agriculture and chemical research too. They can carry treatment of specific level of animal based on their specialization.

Diploma course can get opted after the completion of 10th exam .Whereas to go for under graduate course in veterinary Science, qualifying 12th with Science major is compulsory. The Bachelors in Veterinary Science will help an individual to learn structure and functions of body parts of animals. The gradation is carried out for 5 years duration along with one year of internship practice. After which curing, resolving the required diseases associated with them are considered. Under the course, focus has been made over the study of physiology of animals and curing them accordingly. Also what prevention should be taken is discussed in deep at such courses.  To get admission in best college or university, one need to qualify competitive examination carried out individually or on combined basis by specific university. PhD specialization can be carried out in surgery, medicine and anthology.

To get started in such sector one can choose to practice in its own clinic or can work with animal hospitals that are available in huge ratio across the country. Many government firms offer jobs to talented candidates in areas of animal husbandry, Army Veterinary doctors or poultry farms etc. Expertise can be captured in wildlife or Environment, hospitals, extension officers and daily sector based on choice. Competition is quit high in these sectors, hence one need to be well equipped with latest treatment technologies and procedure to get better recognition.  Graduate in this programme will also be seen in industries like human paramedical research, farming, and livestock & feed industry etc. Those who have attitude & interest towards biological science with genuine love for animals can carry a great job prospects in such field.

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