Career in Radiology

A physician that that reads and interprets digital images like x-rays which developed through machineries, imaging equipment and cameras are known as Radiologists. Such information is required to diagnose the patient’s issues which are handled by consulting a doctor to develop required treatment. Uses of high tech equipment are made to test the patient’s case in Radiology lab. To operate and maintain such equipments, capable technologies are required. These experts carry out high level of performance using scientific methods and provide better results. Radiologist also indulges in reading reports, office setting, interpretation and recording of desired results by reviewing treatment process. A clinical radiologist must consider the ability of continuous learning. When new cases or technology incurred, training is specific field are provided from time to time for Radiologists.

Getting qualified in 12th through CBSE/ISC along with subjects of English, Physics, Chemistry and biology is major requirement.  Once the candidates have achieved this criteria are made eligible to get admission in bachelor’s programme of radiology. Many colleges offer the course of radiology for 4 years including 1 year of Internship. The major courses included in radiology are- Neuroradiology, Interventional radiology, abdominal, paediatric radiology, chest, musculoskeletal and mammography radiology. Additional requirement need to carry out practice within a State may vary from one another. But all needs to have license through medical authority of the State to carry out this medical activities. Besides that passing the board in radiology, certification, obtaining of hospital credentials and privileges is also important.

Opportunities are open for Radiologists graduates in technologist hospitals, as specialist in equipment manufacturing and supplying companies like Philips, Toshiba, Trivitron and Siemens etc. Radiologist must possess a good communication, excellent vision and analytical skills. As they need to contact with various specialists to diagnose issue related to human beings brain, body, heart, organ, digestive system and much more. Additionally they must have technical knowledge, as they carry out every task on computer system. Vide range of technologies like nuclear, radioactive material, digital images, magnetic images and sound waves provide clear diagnose of individuals problems. Multitasking and working under pressure could be a most common requirement to work as a physician. Sometimes there is only one radiologist who needs to perform CT scan, MRI reporting, travelling within sites and communication all together. This is a challenging field which require lots of hard work and dedication to carry out lab results.

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