Career In Polymer Engineering

Polymer engineers are used to sort out the issues related to production and usage of polymers using knowledge over chemical engineering. They supervise the production process of plastics and other polymer. After which the technicians and plastic moulders carry out floor manufacturing task accordingly. By implementing the principles of plan design, thermodynamics, transport phenomena and process designs new products are been produced. This is one of the emerging fields of engineering that follow various low weighted and high designs. They support aerospace applications along with replacement of metals at leaser density. Such engineers also utilize and manage production process of plastic and other polymers.

Some of its specialized field’s are-Epoxys, Elastomers, Medical Plastic, Automotive plastic, Pendle Polymer engineering, Recycled plastic, Hallam polymer, Adtech polymer and Biodegradable plastic. To get admission in bachelors courses one need to qualify 10+2 exam with subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Diploma in polymer engineering is also available for those who do could not able to carry on their regular degrees.

To get into IITs for studying engineering courses, you have to get through the joint entrance exam (JEE) conducted every year. GATE qualified candidates will have chances to get admission in one of the elite institute. Engineering specialization in this will be carried out for 4 years. The eligibility required to get into masters degree, to hold bachelors degree in B.Tech/B.E or other equivalent branch in engineering. Candidates with good vision checking quality, concentration, numerical ability and reliability are more preferable.

As talented candidates in such fields are getting increased day by day, lead to enhancement of lots of employment opportunity for them. The Research and Development in such sectors required production of new polymers and industries that can provide better technological and production facilities.

The opportunities are also open in plastic industries for production, testing, development of high grade polymers and quality based products. To get into a public sector firm, one can have chances to get jobs in industries of natural gases. Other than that graduates can apply to rubber, plastic, medical, automotive, aerospace, computing and electronic organizations.

The job vacancies opened for polymer engineers are as- Facility manager, quality control specialist, research & development technologist, materials technologist, testing technologist and polymer specialist. Dedicated and hard working employees are always appraised with promotional benefits. The income of polymers depends upon their year of experience and qualification.

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