Career In Political Science

They consist of study related to political systems. This is  study of people and society those who are facing struggling and enduring issues like equity, justice, war, order and freedom. Identifying which such issue has aroused and resolve them is at the heart of Political Science.   This is a branch of Social science that deals with activities related to State and Government legislative. They are associated with all the political decision that can affect the political system or related things. Therefore understanding political Science brings greater significance. They are also comprises of surveys, interviews, election and results related to individuals. Some even get through the legal proceedings to cater the views on public events.

To start your career in such field, acquiring a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institute is a must. Degree grasped in Political Science will be sufficient to start your job life in this sector. To attain higher education, qualify Master degree in Political Science. Diploma programs should also be helpful to carry education which can be availed just after completion of class 10th exams. After completion of bachelor degree, one has plenty of option to join with. Some other certification that can add value to your job chances is- Certification in Customer Protection and Program in Human Rights, Doctorate in Philosophy or Master in Arts (Political Science). By passing exam, one can become the members of Parliament or State assemblies and can serve the party or political members, president and artists accordingly.

The job prospects in this field include-

  • Public Relation
  • Law
  • Public Administration
  • Social Management organization
  • Labours Standards
  • Political Communication
  • Researcher
  • Campaign Operative

Teaching would be one of the best options in this field that comprises of conducting lectures on Political Science at college and school level. College that offer these courses effectively include-Jawaharlal Nehru University, Indian Council of Social Science Research, Indian Institute of Advanced study and Institute for social and Economical Change. There are various careers for which formal training is very beneficial to carry out like- Legal profession, National eligibility test, civil service examination, election studies and NGO management etc. Campaign and election is the most obvious career but apart from that field like research, publication, polling and journalism have also gained importance. This can be better utilized as a career in social work, urban planning, human betterment and social research.

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