Career in Pharmacy

Pharmacy is an integral part of health care system that involves preparation, storage and dispensing of drug formulations. Some of us believe that Pharmacist is a person that resides in medical or grocery store but its far more than that. As a pharmacist, there are multiple job prospects available for an individual those who have completed their Pharma degree and required licensing formalities. Specialization in such field are multifaceted that provide great career growth to interested candidates in various ways.

Pharmacist distributes the prescribed drugs to the patient along with assisting them as a physician towards the dosage, selection, side effects and practitioners of the medications. To start you career in Pharmacy. One needs to carry on degree of Pharma D, bachelors of Pharmacy or diploma in Pharmacy. Pharma D is a 6 years of integrated courses along with 1 year of internship.

There are many specialized field in which pharmacists plays very crucial role like-

A clinical Pharmacist is the one that assist physician with its work. This can be done in terms of decision making, coordination of clinical trials and development of drugs etc. A nuclear Pharmacist is responsible to maintain and measure the radioactive material; that get used in CT scans or MRI. It’s very important to handle the radioactive material from very start as they loss effectiveness soon.  Closed door pharmacist are the one those who have no direct contact with their patient. Their task is to arrange proper dosage, stocking & organizing content and provide prescription to each patient individually which got delivered by nurses.

Pharmacists ensure the safely and effectiveness of the medicines over their patient. One minor part of pharmacy is the usage of mixed ingredients to form medicines. Mainely medicines are produced by the pharmaceutical companies in drug delivery form and standard dosage. Job opportunities for them are available at health care hospital and drugstores. Beside they work as a counselor to guide well their patient regarding the medication therapy. Some pharmacist also helps their patients with specialized services based on asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more. To work in health care facilities, one needs to provide their staff with the selection of drug usage and its effects correctly. They can work as administrative personnel to make sterile solution for the same. Apart from hospitals, jobs are also offered for pharmacist in area of production, research & development and quality control.

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