Career In Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering is a part of engineering that deals with the discovery of natural oil and examining of same. Thus development of latest machineries and equipment to extract oil from refinery is the work of an engineer. A petroleum engineer works on various operations like managing oil, gas producing property and identification properties that can enhance performance and profitability both. Excellent computer and numerical knowledge is required to carry out tasks in this field.

There are two major divisions in petroleum engineering that are known us upstream and downstream. Upstream activities comprise of exploration of oil, production and extraction of natural gases. By gaining professional degree in this specification, individual can carry out such activities with the help of drilling technology and geophysics for exploration of oils. In downstream sectors marketing, refining and distribution of petroleum products took place. Refining of crude oil is the major works that are carried out within a petroleum company. After which distribution and marketing is carried out by a management degree holder. Those who are interested in such field must start preparing for entrance exams as soon as possible. As the competition in such fields are quite high due to attractive packages.  

As the world is dependent highly upon petroleum for source of energy, career is such field would be challenging and attractive. An interested candidate can pursue a bachelor’s degree in petroleum after 12th exams. Later on master’s programme can be done in relevant subject accordingly. Research programmes in petroleum can be carried out in petroleum science, production and mechanical, refining and petrochemicals. Those who have completed their MSc in chemistry are also made eligible to carry out post graduation in petroleum field. Diploma programmes in petroleum is quite expensive hence it’s better to go for regular or distance courses.

Petroleum sectors have a great influence and are associated with attractive salary packages. Requirement of petroleum products are getting increased rapidly hence this leads to increase in employment opportunities too. They are huge requirement of professional engineers in petroleum field to carry out specific task. Based upon their position within the firm the activities are conducted.  Private firms offer best facilities to their employees to make them perform better whereas government oil sectors are paying high revenues for the same. Individuals can start their career from company’s like- Gas authority of India Limited, GEOENPRO, IOCL, Reliance energy, Essar oil and MECOM Limited etc.

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