Career in Optometry

An Optometrist is concerned with the diagnosis, examining and treatment related to eyes. Optometry is a Greek word that means ‘Measurement of eye’. They are also known as a Doctor of Optometry, ODs and main provider in vision cares. Such specialists are basically associated with structure and functionality related to human eyes. They examine the defect related to vision, ocular disease and sign of injury, general health issues or abnormality.  Based upon the diagnostic results, patients are provided corrective lens and further treatments. While performing eye exam they can also look for the signs associated to diabetes or hypertension. Rather than just describing drug, they try to solve the issue by providing vision therapies and rehabilitation facilities.

Candidates those who have cleared their 10+2 exams or equivalent are made eligible to pursue their career in Optometry. To practice optometry one has to appear for bachelor’s course offered by various university and colleges. Candidates after fulfilling all required criteria have to go through EYECET exam. This are conducted centrally, State wise or combined for providing admission to talented candidates. The graduate courses are comprises of 4 years duration in which course like dispensing optics, pharmacology, biochemistry are covered. Practical knowledge will be provided to students at the last year internship on clinical subjects and basic Science. Higher education can be taken into consideration with post graduation like M.Phil/MS and PhDs. Education is never ending process that will improve your understanding in required concepts and result I better pay scale at the time of joining a job.

Majority has increased in few years for the patients that are suffering from eye related diseases. Hence proper and early diagnosis can result in better preventions. Career is a best option for those who want to serve individual in regaining their eyesight. Compassionate and hard working candidates have great future in this field. An optimistic can work in own clinic or can start an optical showroom. They can even opt to work in recognized hospital as optometrist or researcher. Those who have pursued higher education in such field can able to work as a teacher in Optometry University that requires qualified candidates for the same. Teaching can be carried out is sections of ultrasound biomicroscopy, ultrasonograpy, corneal topography, electro diagnostic, fundus photography and specula microscopy.  Due to increase in number of health care insurance plan which include good vision, would also generated a great growth in it.

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