Career In Nuclear Engineering

Nuclear Engineer makes research over the processes, instruments and systems that drive benefits to the nuclear radiation and energy. Focused on the planning, development and operating of nuclear plant that is used for generating power supply. Basically they handle the production, use of nuclear fuel and safe disposal of waste related to nuclear or fuel energy. Nano technology is a new way to perform nuclear functionality. They can work with computers to operate, customize, test, stimulate and monitor the performance of nuclear activities. Calculation to customize methods is very important along with the maintenance of quality standards.

Individual may find interest on specific field of nuclear engineering like- some may handle the power supply of spacecrafts while other manages the equipment used to diagnose the medical issues used for radioactive material. Nuclear engineering is a way to carry out various research and development technologies to utilize nuclear energy in military defence, energy fuel and medicines etc. Those who are planning to work in such industry must have ability to carry out healthcare and cutting edge technology. While using the expertise of defence services and scientific methods, results should be accurate.

List of colleges offering Nuclear Engineering courses are-

  • Delhi University
  • IIT (Kanpur, Madras)
  • Homi Bhabha National Institute
  • Amity University
  • Jadavpur University
  • Manipal Institute of Technology

Bachelor’s degree is a must to carry out any engineering jobs in the country. Apart from that various certifications are available by recognized institutes that help you to attain the desired position within the firm. Diploma courses can get opted just after 10th examination in nuclear engineering. Higher degree like PhD programmes will open the doors to get job vacancies in educational sectors too.

Many of the state agencies required Nuclear engineers to provide services to the public directly. For this they need to have a license of professional engineer. To get a licence, individual have to take up 4 year degree programme that is accredited from Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology. They can even work with the same as an intern, to earn certain year of experience.

Nuclear engineers at the start have to work under experienced professional to receive knowledge in practical scenario. As they gain experience in the same, responsibility get enhanced in term of challenging project handling. Their performance can lead them to the positions of supervisor or specialists. Even many of them get apprised with Managerial positions with their greater ideas.

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