Career in Homeopathy

Homeopathy is the branch of Science that believes on proverb of ‘like cures like’. That means the substance which have created certain substance in healthy body can also resolve the illness created by that substance only. Emergence of Homeopathy medicines came into existence in 1806. They are mainly recommended for the disease like allergies, skin problems and asthma attacks. Disease like migration, herpes, eczema and urticaria are also gets cured by Homeopathy treatments. They focus on strengthening the immune systems at multiple stages. Due to its holistic and intrinsic values, acceptance of such medicines is made in India and abroad both.   They do not have any side effect are found at cheaper rate in every area, made its demand much higher. Homeopathy is differs from Allopathic treatments and diagnosis ways. This is very natural and secure way of treating their patients in easy manner with related problems.

To become a professional in such field, one has to get through the graduate degree in Bachelor’s of Homeopathy Medicine and Surgery. Various diploma courses are offered for homeopathy science which can be selected after clearing 10 exams. The Common entrance exam of BHMS is usually held every year in month of June/July. Only pursuing graduate degree is not sufficient to have a great future scope in such sectors. Hence MD or MS (Homeopathy) is the best way to get there. Admission under private college is based on merit list incurred by qualifying the entrance exam conducted by them individually. To start your career as Homeopathy Doctor, specialization must be achieved in pharmacist, practitioner, dietician, teacher or surgeon respectively.

Homeopathy doctor are in greater demand for curing the patients disease that cannot be resolve by allopathic treatments. This is one of the career options that can be continued till older age.  Having growth through practice will lead an individual to make a part time career into a fully fledged job within no time. College or Institute that offer such courses are – Ahmadabad Homeopathy Medical College, White Memorial Homeopathy Center, Swami Vivekanand Homeopathy Medical College and Yuvraj Pratap Singh Homeopathy Medical Center etc. Once the training got completed, students can search job in medical and homeopathy hospitals. There is no limit for the pay scale for doctor in such field once they became popular in their areas.  Doctors follow highly personalized form of treatment here, where the patient will made to switch over other medicines to get exact required solutions.

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