Career In Fire Engineering

Fire Engineering- A Trendsetter For Tenable Environment!

Fire Engineering refers to the application of scientific and engineering principles. The aspect of engineering deals with an understanding of phenomena of fire. It deals with the study and reaction of behavior of the people to fire. This branch of engineering is concerned with ways to protect people, property and environment. This is because the destructive effects of fire are severe, several and at times-totally fatal at times.

The objectives of fire engineering can be summarized as shown below:

  • Fire engineering involves an assessment of  hazards of fire and the consequent risks associated with it
  • Fire engineering is concerned with potential fire damage mitigation by a planned formal design and use of materials, processes, transportation systems and other similar processes
  • Level of evaluation for optimum preventive and protective measures for limiting the fire damages from the crux of fire engineering
  • Fire engineering is concerned with installation, development and maintenance for fire destruction, suppression, control and communication systems in emergency
  • Fire engineering is aimed at handling appropriate manpower and equipment strategy for rescue operations, most commonly called fire fighting operations
  • Fire engineering focuses towards post investigation analysis and feedback



The history of fire engineering has told tale stories to begin with. Its roots date back to the ancient Roman times. The story reveals a set of precedents relating to the times of the Ancient Rome. Emperor Nero ordered that Rome be rebuilt using passive methods for fire protection. These methods commonly included space separation using non-combustible materials. These were supposed to be built after a major catastrophic fire. Over the years, fire engineering emerged as a major discipline in the early 20th century. It was considered the most distinct discipline. This placed far apart from the contemporary branches of Civil, Mechanical, and Chemical Engineering.  It was an altogether renaissance period as a potential aftermath of the Industrial Revolution. There has been a plethora of world class revolutions in this discipline… Even insurance companies had a major stake in reaping the shape of the discipline to an all-time high. This can be evidenced by the state of the art fire protection systems.

Eligibility Criteria for pursuing a career in fire engineering

  • Fire Engineering degrees are available for various undergraduate and post graduate levels
  • For pursuing a B.Tech in Fire Engineering, one must have passed 10+2 with Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry as core subjects.
  • An entrance exam is conducted every year during the month of May, for getting admission into various institutes.
  • Some premier institutes offering degree courses must qualify the Joint entrance conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology, which is held every year.
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