Career In Environmental Engineering

Environment Engineering comprise of combined methods of science and engineering to improve environment issues. This will able to provide human being with healthy air, water and land facilities for resistance.  Due to drastic increase in environmental pollution, research and development within the same has been took place on wider range. To provide a safeguard environment to general public, lots of efforts has been made by the Environmental Engineering companies to overcome them. The person associated with departments of chemistry, petroleum, mining and geology has various opportunities in this. Using the knowledge of chemistry and biology the environmental issues can be resolved that are associated with recycling, pollution and other health problems.

As an environmental engineer one has to work within team to save the lives of various endogenous species. Apart from that they are also required to design, maintain and implement various measures to remove waste management system related to urban and rural areas. The environment engineering is comprises courses in undergraduate, post graduate and PhDs. Those who want to make their career in this field have to qualify 12th exam with subjects of Physics, chemistry and mathematics. After which admission to undergraduate programmes in BSc/B.E can be based on the score of entrance exams conducted nationally or state wise. One can go through MSc programmes further after bachelors in the same discipline.

A bachelor’s degree in environment engineering is mainly required to get into a job. If you are thinking that whether environmental engineering is a correct option for you, try to make this decision based upon your interest and ability. This field is quite challenging as the student have to provide various alternative solutions related to environmental issues. This is one of the new engineering streams but the competition is quite high due to its attractive pay package.

Job prospects for environmental engineers are quite high in areas such as NGOs, government sectors and research areas.  Their job includes the analysis of various factors that affect environmental conditions in some or the other way. On the basis of observation, reports are generated and handled to the higher authorities to perform actions accordingly. Environment engineering is a diverse field that welcome the chances of candidates from section of chemistry, thermal, biology and radiology. There are major requirements of candidates that can handle the sewage issues, water reduction effect and pollution prevention etc. Ultimately this is a tremendous opportunity for those who want to make a difference in the world.

�  ra�a Ȁ9 ang=EN-IN style=’font-size:12.0pt;mso-bidi-font-size: 11.0pt;line-height:115%;font-family:”Times New Roman”,”serif”‘>Electronic and Communication engineering is the largest growing sector worldwide. They include study of semiconductor devices, integrated circuit, analog electronics, power electronics, decodes, embedded systems and many other. Mainly the course of Electronic and Communication provide scientific knowledge and effects over electrons. The telecommunication section focuses on study related to video, audio, fibre optics and networking and radar system etc.


In recent scenario, scope for aspiring candidates in this field is quite higher. They can able to go through the advancement of microelectronics, optical fibres and satellite along with communication techniques. This will result into handling of complex electronic and circuit device with implementation of telecommunication system concepts.

Certain companies that offer jobs in such field are-

  • Power sectors
  • Hardware manufacturing
  • Home Appliances
  • Television Industry
  • Research and Development
  • Telecommunication
  • Software Engineering
  • Toshiba & Philips Semiconductor

B.Tech in electronics and communication is a course that teaches the complex properties related to electronics instruments. To get admission in best B.Tech College, one has to qualify through the entrance exam conducted nationally or state wise. Getting through GATE examination is the way to incur in best Electronic Communication colleges across the country. Other basic eligibility criterion is to qualify 10+2 exam with subjects of physics, chemistry and mathematics. They provide job offers in research industries to fulfil need of customers in daily life.

There are multiple job opportunities associated as electronic and communication engineer. One can opt to join jobs in public sectors such as MTNL, BSNL, AIR, telegraph department and many others. As an electronic engineer, one can able to apply for the gazetted post in government sector by qualifying competitive exams conducted by UPSC.

In defence service job one can start from junior lieutenant position and can reach higher rank by gaining years of experience. For this one has to get through the National Defence Academy or CDS entrance examination. These job opportunities can only be achieved through regular hard work, determination and positive attitude. There are various private firms that offer graduate in electronics and communication to become the part of media and advertising firm. Apart from that there are various multinational companies like Vodafone and Star networks that offer job to such graduates. One can even take the help of online portal that can guide them well with upcoming entrance exam dates and latest news over the college offering such courses.

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