Career In Dentistry

Due to rise of dental problems in the country, dentists are in great demand. Dentistry is the way of diagnosing, preventing and treating problems related to teeth. The most common type of issues related to teeth is decay, fracture in gums and cavity. This requires regular analysis so that they do not get converted into major issues. Dentist can able to give you better suggestion and can keep your teeth healthy for longer period of time. They are the one who enhances the aesthetics and functioning of soft and hard tissues. Visiting a dentist every six month is a good habit to avoid major damage to your teeth. A successful dentist must possess quality such as good diagnosing ability, caring nature, communication skill, counselling skills, responsibility and self confidence.  Functionalities carried out by Dental Surgeon are- cleaning teeth, filling cavities, examining through x-rays, repair fracture and maintaining the teeth posture.

To pursue a graduate degree in Dental Science, qualifying 12th exams with science stream in biology, physics and chemistry is a must. After which one can able to get in BDS /MDS programmes accordingly. Government and Private colleges both provide admission in Dental Science to eligible candidates. Candidates those who have cleared a Competitive entrance exam like NEET will have opportunity to get into best colleges of the country. After getting through the graduation programmes one can opt for post graduation in Doctor of Dental Medical, Doctor of Dental Surgery and Master in Dental Science. While opting for government colleges, try to select the one which is approved from Dental College of India.

Dentistry can perform various job roles in-

  • Junior Doctor/ Residents/ Surgeon
  • Researcher or teacher
  • Community/ Primary Health Center
  • Private Dental practitioners
  • Rural Health service

Strong interpersonal and communication skill required to carry out these tasks. Opportunities can be availed in dental hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other health departments. Companies that posses oral care brands like toothpastes, brush, gum care product and mouth wash has great requirement of Dental Specialists. Apart from that, one can get into research field department of pharmaceutical or can seek teaching jobs in dental colleges. Specialization in such field is available for Endodontic, Oral and Maxillofacial pathology, Oral surgery, Orthodontics, Pedodontics, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. Individuals can start their own private clinic to practice dentistry by getting the license through medical council of the State.

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