Career In Dairy Engineering

This is one of the divisions of engineering that deals with the production and manufacturing of milk products. Dairy products plays major role in agro based economy of India. Using biochemistry, science of bacteriology and nutrition, dairy products are designed and developed. After which their distribution, packaging, transportation and storage took place. While making use of dairy products, care of animals in every regard is taken into consideration.  The dairy technology is comprised of a development processes that include collection of milk, reproduction of high yielding cattle’s and ensuring animals health which is very important.

Certain concepts of economics, chemistry, maths and physics are incorporated, so that proper utilization and development of the dairy products can be made. To pursue bachelor’s degree in the same, candidates have to clear their 10+2 with science subjects of math/biology and chemistry. To join IIT one has to qualify Joint Entrance Exam with good scores. To apply for post graduate programmes one must have graduation in B.Tech/B.E or any other equivalent branch or engineering. Entrance exams that are conducted on national and state level for providing students the facility to study in best engineering college are- Andhra Pradesh agriculture dairy technology entrance, Graduate Aptitude Test for Engineering, West Bengal Joint Entrance Exam and Bihar combined competitive entrance exams etc. Once an individual has completed its education in dairy engineering stream can able to work as a supervisor or entrepreneur venture for various milk related products.

Number of Specialization field in Dairy Engineering are-

  • Dairy Economics
  • Dairy Cattle Breeding
  • Dairy Cattle Nutrition
  • Animal Biotechnology
  • Dairy Microbiology
  • Dairy Engineering
  • Dairy Chemistry
  • Dairy Cattle Physiology

Dairy field is one of the dignified fields that comprises of various task which get fulfilled using available principles. In today’s scenario there are more than 400 dairy plants available in the country along with multiple manufacturers. Due to which it becomes the most demanding career in the economy. Graduates can able to capture their position in firms such as cooperative, rural banks, milk products and dairy farms etc. The job profile in this area include positions of manager, educationalist, dairy scientist, medical officers, theologise, nutritionist and industrial supervisor. One can also start its career as freelancer with small milk plants, creamery products and can work as a consultant. Job as a teacher in university or college could also be a great option for professional candidates.

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