Career In Beauty and Hair care

Beauty involves every aspect of individual’s health that to be taken care off. This includes caring of skin, diet & nutrition, skin, makeup and hairstyling which require regular services. Cosmetology is the study of application related to beauty treatments. The Science of beauty treatment and care deals with maintenance of skin, hair and other parts of the body that can keep you well set and attractive all the time. Industry has taken a great hick with the involvement of new scientific development, media, products and technology. As the people are getting more conscious towards their personal fitness and fashion, personal fitness is getting much more groomed. One must ensure that there are lots of cosmetologists available in the country but for getting proper treatment, selection should be based on specialised personal only.

To become professional in this field one need to capture the required degree from recognised university/College. The person can carry out bachelor’s degree in B.Tech with Cosmetic Technology. Diploma is also offered to get training in such sectors. To pursue higher degree programmes M.Tech or master degree in related field can be chosen. Every individual is eligible to get into undergraduate degree only after completion of its 12th exam in any discipline with minimum passing marks. Additional quality that are required to be processed job in cosmetology are- good communicational skills, convincing power, dedication, confidence, personal hygiene & cleanliness, business acumen and able to provide relaxing environment to their clients.

One can avail job opening in area of-

  • Spa Therapist
  • Tutor
  • Beauty Consultant
  • Mehendi Artist
  • Makeup Artist
  • Parlour (Message)
  • Tattoo Maker
  • Nail therapist (Manicure/Pedicure)
  • Trichologist

If you have interest to make people beautiful through your practical skills then this could be one of the best options for you. Getting job in such field is not a tedious task, if you hold the required qualification and interest within it. Government and private firm offer various vacancies many times to avail new talent in their industry. To start with, get as intern in one of the recommending parlours and avail experience with changing trends and makeup techniques. One who is well equipped with practical skills in such area can get into high positions through year of experience and learning capability. Options are also available as school lecturer, beauty journalist, spa manager, parlour head or makeup artists or therapists.

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