Career In Aviation

Aviation deals tasks associated to aircrafts, courses in India are involved operations and flying related to it. Civil aviation is the courses that are necessary to possess by those who want to start their life with government or regular bodies. The entire aviation course has been supported under the rules governed with the Directorial General of Civil Aviation. The work carried out in this firm is based from industry to industry. But many of us get attracted to courses such as Pilots or Air hostesses.

To get into jobs of commercial pilot, students need to qualify 12th exams with Science stream. With subjects of physics, chemistry and maths the student have to get good scoring to apply for this position. They need to register themselves to the club recognized by Directorate General of Civil Aviation under Government of India. Authorities need to enclose the registration along with submission of candidate’s security check, bank guarantee and medical documents. The student has to give an oral exam that comprises of multiple questions related to air regulation, aircraft navigation, engines and meteorology etc. This will provide them a Student Pilot license.

Next step is to cater the Private Pilot License that can be done only when one can able to get into 60 hours of flying scenario. This includes fifteen hours of dual flight, thirty hours of solo flight and five hours of country flight with the help of flying instructor. After which the candidates are made eligible to carry out Private Pilot License exams to get into better positions.  After which they can try for Commercial Pilot License that include 250 hours of flying. The testing will be considered in areas of navigation, air regulation, communication, technical filed and planning etc. Career options are also made available as Air hostesses and fight stewards. To became an Air hostess one need to qualify 12th exam in science stream. After which certain height limit is required to get into this field. Addition requirement include weight and height proportion, clear complexion, medically fit and English Fluency. Interested candidates can take help of the Cabin Crew institutes that provide training in these sectors. Diploma will help an individual to develop its analytical and interaction skills which is very important in this sector. Jobs are available in area such as Cargo management & marketing, consultant, transportation and federal regulation. Basic knowledge of multi engine working, navigation and aviation safety is a must to get selected.

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