Career In Animation

A Career in Animation and Gaming has been increasing rapidly. Animation is comprises of an emerging field that get explored itself with power of imagination and creativity. Animation usage has been growing in multiple industries and providing great employment to those who want to try their skills in the same. Firstly animation should not get confused with cartoonists. As cartoonist just design the characters with fixed expression whereas animation is an art of breathing life into a character.

If you have craze to get work done with imagination and creativity, then yes this is a right course for you. You must possess a good sketching and drawing capability to handle the basis task related to animation. Focuses should be made over various living identities, this will helpful for provide expression and movement to your animation thing. Preferences must be added to those who have knowledge regarding visualization and colors.

To pursue a diploma or bachelors degree in Animation one needs to complete 12th standard through recognized institute with minimum of 45% aggregate marks. For getting higher education within same one should have bachelor’s degree in arts or any other along with basis knowledge of computers. There are various professional courses carried out in animation and multimedia. Some of the well known courses are- Traditional animation, stop motion animation, computer generated 2D& 3D animation, clay motion, rotoscoping, human autonomy, Photoshop and Drawing. Animation is a multitasking job which requires lots of dedication and hard work. Apart from having required skills, one needs to have good communication among team members. If all such qualities are embedded in you then go ahead with choosing one of the best institute that provide you great career prospects ahead.

Animation has opened various doors to explore your thoughts and imagination through visual objects. This creativity achieved a great boom in international market that is now getting used in various sectors. Usage of animation are done in Entertainment, education, publishing, fashion designing, developing of games, medical, insurance companies and engineering and web designing etc.

Major institutes that carry out such training include

  • Arena Multimedia
  • National institute of Design
  • Zee institute of Creative arts
  • Animaster
  • Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
  • The Heart Animation Academy

Animation is one of the fastest growing careers in our country that provide employment on regular basis. Those who are planning to join this stream have great future and expose toward 2D & 3D world.

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