Career In Aerospace Engineering

The field of aerospace engineering has become one of the most sorted after career path for engineering students. Seeing the possibilities of future, students are now opting for aerospace engineering. The work of an aerospace engineer is divided into different segments as it involves the work of designing varieties of space shuttles, missiles and aircrafts. As change is happening in the working segment of aerospace engineering, students and even attaining expertise in development and designing of different equipments which are necessary in aerospace work. For working as a successful aerospace engineer, it is essential to attain and develop knowledge and skills related to the subject and area of specialization, as this is the only way by which a person can make a successful career in aerospace engineering.

Below mentioned are the two categories in which aerospace engineering is segmented.

  • Aeronautical engineering
  • Astronautical engineering

Aeronautical engineering is categorized into different parts, which are as follows

  • Designing of aircrafts
  • Development of aircrafts
  • Testing of aircrafts

Astronautical engineering comprises of below mentioned objectives on a career platform

  • Designing of spacecrafts
  • Building of spacecrafts

If a person is interested in any of the above mentioned areas of aerospace engineering, then they have to specialize in the respective fields accordingly as the skill sets are different. Engineers who are involved with aerospace are involved in both government and private agencies and organizations. Along with this, aerospace engineers are even hired by renowned organizations like NASA on contractual basis so that they can handle the working process. Even the big consultancies, which are involved in aerospace often, hire aerospace engineers depending on the skills and area of specialization.

When you as an aerospace engineer, you will be working with people who are working as metallurgists and physicists along with various other professionals who will be working on the project with you. Under the area of specializations, there are various parts, which are mentioned below.

  • Control and Guidance system
  • Designing of framework
  • Fluid mechanism
  • Thermodynamic
  • Acoustics
  • Propulsions
  • Celestial mechanism

For starting a career path in aerospace engineering, it is important for a person to attain an engineering degree from a coveted college or university. After completing the degree in aerospace engineering along with specialization, a person who is interested in working as an aerospace engineer requires to attain a license for working as an aerospace engineer.

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