Career As Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist mainly associated with massage, exercise and treating broken parts of the body so that one can feel better. They focus on providing mental and physical health to their patients which include any age group.  To treat patients with wide range of illness and conditions, training on specific skills are provide to Physiotherapist. They also help in educating the public related to their health issues. They may include simple massage to complex therapies based upon requirement. Making a career in this field would be a wise decision as it offers numerous job opportunities. Due to mechanised lifestyle, people face various muscles related problems like backache, stiff neck, shoulders and knee pain etc. Hence to cure them, requirement of professional physiotherapist is important that can implement clinical reasoning to solve such pains.

The eligibility criteria followed here is quite similar as that of all courses in Medical. The 12th qualification with subjects of physics, chemistry, English and biology is a must. Selection of college to pursue your career in Physiotherapy should be done based on research. Select the universities that are recognized to government and offers best medical facilities. Bachelor’s degree may consider   for four and a half along with 6 month of internship programme. After which getting through masters degree is also important to gain better prospects in job scenarios.  Doctorate in Physiotherapy will help an individual in various facets to carry out required task. To pursue doctorate courses one need to have masters first. Physiotherapist can work in areas of- special schools, maternity, intensive care, neurological, education and prevention centers. Apart from regular course, individual can also opt for specific specialization that will make you a perfectionist in single unit. Later on training in new technologies can be considered as per requirement.

Before getting admission in such course lots of research to opt for a correct course is important. Also one should know their area of interest to get the best choice. For earning purpose, Physiotherapist is not a bad option. Job of physiotherapist is quite challenging and hectic but profitable too. A physical therapist can find job is Nursing home, hospitals, residential homes, private practices, clinics and rehabilitation centers. They can even pursue job in teaching, sports, NGOs and foreign companies. Some of the fitness center in India like Intellectual resource training, Help Age India, Apollo hospital etc has great requirement of physiotherapist trained professionals in its center.

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