7th IDY International Yoga Day 21 June 2021: “Be with Yoga, Be at Home!”

International Yoga Day 2021 will be celebrated on Monday, 21 June 2021. IDY 2021 is the 7th edition of International Day of Yoga.

This year, International Day of Yoga Theme is “Be with Yoga, Be at Home!”.

Yoga is a 5000 year old practice that enhances physical, mental and spiritual well-being. It aims to transform our mind and body, keeping us refreshing and rejuvenated every day!

Since 2015, International Yoga Day is observed on 21st of June to spread awareness among the masses about the importance of Yoga and its benefits in their daily lives. Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the world to celebrate yoga and embrace its benefits in their daily lives. Yoga is a priceless gift from the Indian tradition and the fact that it is going to be celebrated the world over is surely a proud moment for our country.

Yoga at Home and Yoga with Family”.

International Day of Yoga IDY 2021 Quiz Contest – Start Quiz Now
Start Date : 1 May 2021, 10:00 am
End Date : 21 Jun 2021, 11:59 pm

The quiz is being organised by the Ministry of AYUSH (MoA), Government of India in collaboration with the MyGov platform. Questions are based on publicly available information on past International Day of Yoga celebrations. Participants are required to answer 10 questions in 450 seconds.

International Day of Yoga IDY 2021 Prime Minister’s Yoga Awards (PMYA)For outstanding contribution towards promotion and development of Yoga. The award comprises 2 national-level categories for entities of Indian origin and 2 international-level categories for entities of Indian or foreign origin.

The name of the winners will be announced on the 7th International Day of Yoga that is 21st June 2021. The winners will be felicitated by means of a Trophy, Certificate and a Cash Award. The value of each Cash Award would be Rs. 25 lakh.

International Day of Yoga IDY 2021 Pledge – Take the Yoga Pledge– with a resolve to make Yoga an integral part of their daily lives.

International Day of Yoga IDY 2021 Survey/ Poll to understand citizens’ perception of Yoga and the level of IDY awareness and observance among the citizens.

International Day of Yoga IDY 2021 Jingle Contest– MoA is hosting a jingle contest on MyGov inviting people to compose a jingle for IDY 2021 in English/Hindi/any UN recognized language/any constitutionally recognized Indian language.

“Yoga & Me” Photography Contest– MoA is hosting a jingle contest on MyGov, encouraging people all over the world to participate by posting a photograph of themselves, performing their favourite Yogasanas. The photograph has to be accompanied by a short description about it and its relationship with the contest’s theme of “Yoga and Me”.

IDY 2021 Share your ideas to celebrate the 7th International Day of Yoga at home

21 June – International Yoga Day: United Nations Adopts June 21 as World Yoga Day

The United Nations has declared 21st June as the International Yoga day.

This is a victory for India since Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called for this in his address to the U.N. General Assembly.

International Yoga Day - 21 June - PM Narendra Modi

During his address to the UN, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mentioned that yoga is not just a form of exercise but a means to discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and nature.

170 nations across the world have supported the proposal and therefore, it is a great way to begin a new journey of rediscovering oneself with this practice. It has also been co-sponsored by around 175 countries out of the 193 members.

Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs of India, launched International Day of Yoga Logo on 29-April-2015
International Day of Yoga Logo - Yoga for Harmony and Peace
International Day of Yoga LOGO Yoga for Harmony and Peace


Read on to know some of the main benefits of yoga:

It provides all-round fitness – We feel completely healthy when we are not just physically fit but also mentally and emotionally balanced. Health is an expression of life and with the help of yoga postures, meditation and pranayama (breathing exercises), one can achieve a holistic state of fitness.

It helps in releasing stress – With such hectic lifestyles, it is no surprise that our lives are full of mental and physical stress. A few minutes of yoga can help in stress relief as they help to detox the body and de-stress the mind.

It improves immunity – The yoga postures help to massage our organs and strengthen the muscles. The various breathing techniques and meditation help to release all kinds of stress and this truly helps in improving the immunity of our body. With regular yoga exercises, we can live healthier and stronger lives.

It increases stamina and energy – With so many things to do on an everyday basis, it becomes imperative for all of us to have unending energy levels. A few minutes of yoga exercises is the secret to feeling strong and refreshed all day long. If you practice yoga every morning, you will notice a remarkable difference in your energy levels within a short period of time.

It enhances flexibility and postures – With regular yoga practices, you can stretch your muscles, tone them and make them extremely strong. Yoga helps to improve your body posture when you sit, stand or even sleep. This truly helps those who are suffering from body pain due to incorrect postures.

It gives you peace and serenity – In the hustle bustle of daily life, we all seek inner peace to help us feel calm and composed. Yoga is like a mini-vacation from the world for a few minutes where you can find ultimate peace and serenity.

On the occasion of this International Yoga Day celebrations, let us pledge to inculcate yoga practices in your daily routines so that we can be better individuals in our mind, body and soul and lead a healthier and happier life.

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