Renewable Energy Jobs 2023-2024 The Future of Wind And Solar Power

Climate change and skyrocketing gas prices are two main reasons to shift the world from fossil fuels to green energy. Governments and private companies around the world are trying their best to make policy decisions that are going to help companies to transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as wind energy or wind power and solar power or solar energy.

Private companies are investing in renewable energy sector. In coming years this is going to grow exponentially. This means a lot of jobs are going to be generated in Clean Energy sector.

If you are passionate about the planet and want to do something about it then the best way is by choosing a career in renewable energy sector.

Employment in Renewable Energy- Solar Wind Biomass Hydro Tidal Geothermal Energy Jobs

Global employment in the clean energy sector has risen. In this article you will learn about the future of renewable energy jobs and some of the best employment opportunities in this sector.

Let us get started …

Present and Future Scope of Renewable Energy

Before you learn about career opportunities in renewable energy you need to know its present and future scope first.

By the year 2050 it is expected that all the global energy generation will come from renewable energy. Most of the developed world and also developing countries have abundant renewable energy generation potential like solar, wind, geothermal and biomass.

According to International Energy Agency (IEA) solar power is a cheaper source of power than fossil fuel based sources like coal and furnace oil. Big countries like China and India are investing in renewable energy.

For example, India plans to generate 100 GW of power using solar panel by 2022. This growth will generate over 350,000 jobs in the field of solar. An additional Rs 25,000 crore would be spent by one of the top oil and gas companies in India BPCL to construct a 10 GW renewable energy capacity using a combination of solar energy, wind energy, small hydro energy, and biomass energy.

This gives you an idea about the present and future scope of renewable energy.

Future of Renewable Energy Jobs

Without any hesitation I can say future of renewable energy is really great and so are the renewable energy jobs.

The green energy market has expanded considerably over the last decade. The main reason for this expansion is climate change and depletion of fossil fuels.

Further, this expansion has led to increase in government and private funding of renewable energy, and with it the number of jobs in renewable energy sector has gone up.

To put things in perspective, I just want to give you one example. By 2026, the demand for civil engineers in green energy companies will see a growth of over 11%.

So the future is promising!

Fastest Growing Renewable Energy

The fastest growing renewable energy source in developed countries is wind power followed by solar energy.

The reason why wind energy is preferred more than solar energy is because wind offers a more consistent resource than solar power. Wind blows throughout the day while sun is only available during daylight hours.

Moreover offshore wind farming means that wind can be harnessed in the coastal areas where there are no residential or farming areas. In USA wind power is becoming very popular as it creates no greenhouse gases and leaves the environment unharmed. It is also going to create a huge amount of jobs in the country.

In developing countries like India and China, solar power is going to be more popular than wind energy. In India, the renewable energy or green energy sector will see huge growth and so renewable energy job opportunities in the coming years.

Career Opportunities in the Wind and Solar Energy Sectors

Between 2019 and 2021 financial year, renewable energy sector in India grew by 23%. Solar energy sector contributed 84% and wind energy 16%.

By the end of year 2021, renewable energy sector in India employed well over 120,000 professionals across various projects like business development, design, construction and commissioning, and operation and maintenance.

If we further breakdown these jobs then out of 120,000

  • 77% jobs were created in solar energy sector, around 90,000
  • Remaining 23% jobs were created in wind sector, around 30,000

Solar Power and Wind Energy are future Employment Creators.

Job Opportunities in Solar Energy

If we further breakdown the solar energy sector then

  • Rooftop solar segment employed over 50,000 workers and utility scale solar employed 40,000 workers.

Therefore you can conclude there are a lot of career opportunities in solar sector for both rooftop segment and utility scale projects. However utility scale projects offers better job opportunities than rooftop segment.

Job Opportunities in Wind Energy

Now let us see what wind energy sector has to offer.

Wind energy sector is one of the oldest and most developed renewable sectors in India. Back in 2008-09, this sector created more than 6500 jobs.

Between the year 2010 and 2021 wind sector employed around 20,000 workers and by the end of year 2021 the number was around 28,000.

Job Opportunities in Renewable Energy by 2030

In this paragraph we will talk about potential jobs that can be created by 2030 in India. The jobs will be created either by government led projects or by private players.

Jobs in Wind Sector

It is estimated that over 155,000 new jobs will be created by the government and 325,000 new jobs by private companies.

Total 480,000 (approx) jobs will be created in the wind sector by 2030.

Jobs in Solar Sector

Solar sector is where most of the renewable jobs will be created.

For Utility Scale Solar there will be 550,000 jobs created by the government and 12000,00 (1.2 Lacs) by private sector.

For Rooftop there 2,800,000 (28 Lacs) jobs created by the government and 31, 00,000 (31 Lacs) by private sector.

So total jobs created in Solar Sector will be over 7,650,000.

Combining wind and solar sector there will be total 8,130,000 or 8 million jobs created by 2030.

From this data we can safely assume there will be no dearth of renewable job opportunities in India.   

You need to have required skills and educational qualification for these jobs. These jobs will be diverse and will require low skilled as well as high skilled labor. According to your educational qualification and work experience you can apply for a particular job that suits you the most.

Educational Qualification Required

What degree do you need to land a job in renewable energy sector? The educational qualification will depend upon which type of job you would like to do and in which sector you would like to work.

If you want to work in electric vehicle or fuel technologies then bachelor’s degree in automobile engineering or chemical engineering is the best option for you.

Similarly if you want to become a renewable energy consultant then you should have a degree in subjects like renewable energy, sustainability, engineering management or environmental science.

If you want a low skilled job like technician or installer or basic construction work then requirements could be different.

Careers in Renewable Energy

Let us look at some of the career opportunities in different renewable energy sectors. Renewable energy jobs grew across the world. Wind Power or Wind Energy and Solar Power or Solar Energy is the fastest growing technology, adding numerous number of jobs.

Careers in Solar Energy

Right now the most lucrative renewable industry for jobs is solar energy. Currently in USA there are more than 250,000 people employed in the solar industry.

There are 40 different types of jobs across solar industry. Government is USA is also addressing the need of solar training for high quality, local, accessible training in solar installation.

Careers in Advanced Manufacturing

Renewable career opportunities in advanced manufacturing are very good in USA and European countries. The manufacturing workforce is required to promote energy efficiency to improve the productivity and profitability in the global markets.

Therefore manufacturing companies will need engineers, efficient energy managers and other highly skilled workers to operate and monitor production systems to save energy and other resources while reducing carbon emissions.

Careers in Weatherization

Weatherization of home and commercial buildings is a process where the energy efficiency and safety of the structure is improved through targeted retrofit measures.

Rising energy costs and a higher awareness of indoor safety standards are forcing customers to weatherize their properties. Therefore there is a huge demand for weatherization installer and technician in USA.

Careers in Energy Efficient Vehicles

You all are familiar with Elon Musk’s Tesla and their Electric Vehicles or EVs. EV industry need people who are going to develop and design new and advanced electric vehicle technologies.

These renewable jobs will fall in various disciplines of engineering like automobile, mechanical, materials, electrical etc.

There is no dearth of opportunities.

Careers in Bio Energy

Renewable bio energy can contribute to more sustainable and economically sound future by providing clean energy sources.

To grow the bio-economy in a given country, it will require new systems and networks to efficiently produce, harvest and transport large quantities of feed stocks. Therefore the availability of skilled workers is very critical.

Careers in Fuel Cell Technologies

Fuel cell technologies are going to transform the energy sector. Some of the career opportunities in this sector are Chemical engineers, chemists, material scientists, lab technicians, industrial engineers, power plant operators, vehicle technicians etc.

The widespread adoption of fuel cell technologies in America can create up to 700,000 jobs by 2035.

Top Renewable Energy Jobs

Following are some examples of careers in renewable energy.


Engineering is one of the most common career opportunities in renewable energy anywhere in the world. If you have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, chemical, aerospace, material or environmental engineering then you can find a job in a number of sectors like Solar, Wind, Electric Vehicles etc.

Renewable Energy Consultant

Renewable energy consultant carry out energy surveys, audits and informing clients on various sources of renewable energy like wind, solar, water, tidal etc.

They provide services to clients in private and public sectors. Renewable energy consultant is a high paying job.

Wind Turbine Installer and Operator

An army of workers are required to supply, set up, install and service huge wind turbines that generate electricity. These are 40 to 70 meters long blades and they need heavy maintenance.

A wind turbine fabrication, installation and maintenance are a growing sector. Pay scale will depend upon your experience and specialty.

Wind Farm Developer

Wind Farms are made up of huge sprawling groups of turbines that are 40 – 70 meters long installed in high wind areas all over the world.

A wind farm developer is responsible for putting together these projects from the ground up. The wind farm developer job involves a lot of bureaucratic formalities but the job can be a real moneymaker.

Solar Installer

Solar installer or solar fabricator could be a very promising job. You will be installing Photovoltaic or PV panels on rooftops.

For a career in solar panel installing you necessarily don’t need a college degree, having a construction, mechanics, or electrician background is more than enough.

Renewable Energy Industry – Renewable Energy Companies in USA

Jobs in Renewable Energy companies in USA, Renewable energy jobs for freshers, Wind energy jobs, Solar Energy Jobs, Solar energy jobs for fresher, Wind energy jobs for freshers, Jobs in Solar energy companies in USA

  • Green Fuel Technologies-
  • Inventure Renewables Inc-
  • Synthetic Genomics-
  • Solazyme Inc-
  • PlanET-
  • Pacific Ethanol-
  • Biodico-
  • TESLA-
  • Sunnova-
  • Aesolar-
  • Geronimo Energy-
  • Silicor Materials-
  • First Solar-
  • Next Era Energy-
  • Green Mountain Energy-

Renewable Energy Industry – Renewable Energy Companies in India – Greening India

Jobs in Renewable Energy companies in India, Renewable energy jobs for freshers, Wind energy jobs, Solar Energy Jobs, Solar energy jobs for fresher, Wind energy jobs for freshers, Jobs in Solar energy companies in India

Jobs Positions:- Solar Energy Specialist, Solar Power Engineer, Solar PV Plant Engineer, Solar operation & maintenance O&M Engineer, Rooftop Solar Support, Solar Sales Engineer, Solar Panel Installer, Solar Service Engineer Trainee, Solar Plant Manager, Solar Design Engineer, Solar Engineer Technician, Solar Site Engineer, Solar Inverter Service Engineer, Solar Ground Mounted Design Engineer names a few.

After reading the article you will get an idea where to start your career in renewable energy sector.

SOLAR POWER IN INDIA- Hotspot for Investment in Renewables/ Destination for renewables

Solar Energy News, Latest Solar News-

  • Shell Targets Installing 10,000 Charging Stations Across India By 2030
  • Tata Power Solar Systems bags NHDC’s 125 MWp floating solar project
  • Telangana to install 3.07 MW of rooftop solar systems at government schools
  • Hindalco commissions 25 MW captive solar plant in Madhya Pradesh
  • NTPC agrees to supply renewable energy to Military Engineering Services
  • Amp Energy to manufacture solar cells and modules
  • Tata Power deploys over 450 charging points over national highways
  • Tata Power Solar Systems to set up 100MW project for SJVN in Gujarat
  • Solar-powered electric National Highways in the works, says Nitin Gadkari
  • UPL acquires 26 per cent stake in renewable energy firm Clean Max Kratos
  • Serentica Renewables launches Renewable Energy Platform
  • Selco announces Surya Mitra awards for Nevelle Williams, Richenda Van Leeuwen & SVYM
  • Tata Power Renewable Energy to set up 100 MW solar project for Viraj Profile in Maharashtra
  • EU energy commissioner visits India to boost Clean Energy and Climate Partnership
  • Gensol Engineering bags orders worth Rs 153 cr to build 58.8 MW solar projects
  • Civilisation will be mostly solar-powered in future, says Elon Musk
  • Assam to generate 2,000 MW solar power at investment of Rs 10,000 crore
  • SJVN bags 200 MW solar project worth Rs 1,200 crore in Maharashtra
  • World’s largest floating solar power plant to be built on Narmada’s Omkareshwar Dam in MP
  • 123 GW of solar capacity either commissioned or in pipeline: Government
  • NTPC Lowers Carbon Footprint; Plans Projects to Light Up 2 Lakh Households, Reduce CO2 Emissions
  • Assam dedicates 25-mw solar power project at Lalpul in Udalguri district
  • IIT Guwahati Develops Optimised Voltage Control Approach to Utilise Solar Energy for EV Charging
  • India’s first fractionally-owned solar power plant launched by PYSE in Karnataka

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