How To Cope With Failure

Coping With Failure: How To Restrain A Setback Blocking You Emotions

You fail at something that was important to you, it is very normal to feel disappointment and depressed. But emerging from failure, converting your failure into your success is the difference between people who make it in the long run and the people who don’t.

Here are some ways to not let failure stop you from achieving your goals:

  • Do not feel victimised. Do not feel that the universe has plotted against you and hates you. You are not the only one failure has happened to. Almost every success story has a backing of failures; almost every great person who has achieved something worthwhile in his life has felt utterly defeated and miserable at some point of time. Many famous people like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jordon, Helen Keller, Walt Disney and many others faced major setbacks in life, but they did not let these setbacks hold them back.
  • Do not let it stick with you. Failure is a temporary setback, a purposeful delay, to make you better. Do not feel that failure is permanent. Do not dwell on it. Rise above and move forward.
  • Do not let the sadness get to you. Guard yourself against depression as it will just act as a drain on your energy and concentration. Get over it by going out and having some fun but don’t let the party last too long. When you start working, manage your stress. Stay calm doing meditation, yoga or anything that works for you.

The next thing to do is get yourself busy making sure that it doesn’t happen again. Here are some tips on how you can actively manage failure.

  • Pump up your motivation. Find new reasons for achieving your goal. Encourage yourself constantly. Keeping your spirit up will help ward of the depression and the misery, and will always keep you moving forward.
  • Be positive. Harder done than said in times when one is down but having a positive attitude is the only way to get past failure. Focus on the solutions rather than the problems. You can either see the failure as an opportunity to get better or a blockade to block you from your dreams. A positive perception can make all the difference.
  • Be resilient. Do not quit, do not give up. Keep trying until you get it right and do not even consider the thoughts of quitting. Hold on and patiently have faith in yourself and what you’re doing. Quitting might just make you feel a bigger loser than trying and failing.
  • Make a new strategy. Go back and trace out where you went wrong, where you fell and make a new improved strategy to tackle all those factors that made you fail last time .Looking back would be painful but it would be worth it as your failure alone can honestly tell  you where you need to improve yourself. There is always more to learn from failures than successes, learn your lesson and do not make the same mistakes again.

Your attitude and perception can make all the difference when it comes to overcoming your failures, so pick yourself up and move on.

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