Career In Earthquake Engineering

Earthquake is the scientific field that are concerned with protecting the nature and safety of environmental society. This is one of the most recent stream got added in civil engineering specifications. Student those who are interested to study this course are known as earthquake engineers. Earthquake is a systematic study of earth shaking and danger that can effort human lives in many ways. Earthquake engineer pays special attention while designing and developing architectural buildings, so that they can withstand earthquake issues.

In India, more than half of land is sensitive to earthquake attracts hence its regular occurrence can make big disasters. The highest sensitive areas of earthquake is hilly or mountain sectors. The engineers have to plan, design and develop the solutions for the damage caused by earthquake happening. They should also require making efforts towards developing earthquake resistant solutions. This is a part of civil engineering that also requires gaining knowledge in areas of mathematics, statistics, soil science, geophysics and weather forecasting. Due to various earthquake attacks in the last decades, lots of damage is caused to properties and lives. This has made Government of India to include a separate research control known as National Information of Center on Earthquake Engineering to handle such issues. NICEE offer research study through various center of Indian Institute of Technology to possess post graduate and doctoral programmes based on choice.

Earthquake engineering course in India are offered only at post graduate level. By qualifying GATE entrance exam one can able to join M.Tech or ME programmes. To go for doctorate or PhD courses, scores of National Entrance Test or Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering are considered.

Some of the engineering institutes that offer Earthquake Engineering courses are-

  • Mumbai University
  • IIT (Roorkee, Kanpur, Kharagpur)
  • Banaras Hindu University
  • Anna University
  • Osmania University
  • Kurukhestra University

They are always indulged in gathering and researching data that can help them to find solution regarding earthquake consequences. Travelling to different places is one of the major tasks related with earthquake engineers. Such engineer can pursue their career in areas of government sector, research and development companies or private firms. One can able to perform the related tasks in construction of building, highways, bridges and stations. The respected professionals in this field have greater opportunities and high salary package. However the pay scale enhances along with promotional, experience and higher qualification for those who have just started working as a fresher.

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